How to achieve Pinterest Stardom

How to achieve Pinterest Stardom
With the click of a "Pin it" button you too can gain Pinterest Stardom.

Pinterest is social media powerhouse. It rarely gets the proper respect and credit it deserves. The pins that you and others pin from your site is a traffic trail that leads directly to you! Respect it. Pinterest allows you to capture your work in a single powerful visual image. Choose that image wisely. You have just a second to capture someones attention before they continue scrolling down the screen. Are you getting pinned? Are people following you daily? Are you sharing the work of others? You should have answered yes to all the previous questions. If not, then continue reading. You too can achieve Pinterest Stardom!

ONE. IF you are promoting something get it to the top of your Pinterest boards. Your blog board or business board should be at the tippy top. Give your top priorities the best real estate.

TWO. Profile Fun. This is no time for a prison photo profile pic. Show your followers a genuine candid pose. Include your business URL and a fun sentence about you. Having an inviting profile invites people to come visit you.

THREE. Verify your URL.  Go to your settings and follow the steps to verify your URL. What are the advantages of having your URL verified? Having your site verified gives you credibility and makes you look professional. Go the extra mile and search every nook and cranny in your settings. You might be missing something.

FOUR. Clean house every six months. Go through your boards and delete most of your pins that did not get pinned. Spring is the perfect time for Pinterest board Spring cleaning. Freshen those boards up!

FIVE. Group Boards. Join a handful of group boards that coincide with your brand. It gives you extra pull from already well established Pinterest users. IT means you have a higher chance of being seen, gaining more followers, and starting a viral pin.

SIX. Photography. Crisp, bold, natural lighting photography is a must. Photos with visual word descriptions get pinned more. Watermark your photography to include your website or logo.

SEVEN. #Hashtags. Here they come again. Use them when you pin. They are clickable. It is another way to be found, so why not?

SEVEN. SHARE the LOVE=============SHARE. Share the work of others. It helps keep your boards fresh and you can feel good knowing you are helping others increase their visibility too.

Pinterest is one the most enjoyable social medias out there. Have fun, gain followers, and get pinning! Thanks for stopping by!


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