KA-POW! Use Annie Sloan & van Gogh chalk paint together

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I know what you are thinking. Did I read that title right? You absolutely did. I am breaking all the chalk paint rules and delving into uncharted waters. I used Annie Sloan and van Gogh chalk paint together on the same gorgeous dresser. Not only can you do this, but the results are stunningly beautiful. My mother-in-law found my husband and I an incredible dresser for our bedroom. It has beautiful architecture and incredible ornate detailing! There's only one problem...

The dresser was covered with a sickly butter yellow color. I would have preferred puke green over butter yellow. Color is never too big a problem, however, because you can always change the color! If the bones are good just paint it! My favorite color is Annie Sloan's Napoleonic blue. So...Napoleonic blue it is. Let's paint it!

Napoleonic blue coats many areas of my home. The color was presumably a favorite of Napoleon Bonaparte himself. My fireplace, kitchen cabinets, and now this dresser is painted in Napoleonic blue. I knew right away the Napoleonic blue would feel too dark, but I picked up my paint brush and went with it anyway. I worried even after distressing that the details would not pop as much as I wanted. What could I do!!? Repaint it?? I had another lighter and bright blue on hand that I just purchased from van Gogh called Confidence. Could I? Should I? Oh, I did. You will see that the transformation is incredible!

The colors co-mingle effortlessly together. It reminds me of the ocean and it gives the piece much needed dimension. I am going to finish the dresser with the all-natural clear van Gogh wax. I am still contemplating adding a little Annie Sloan dark wax, but I am worried I will end up losing the dimension I have gained. Anyway, it looks perfectly gorgeous in its current state. I must stop myself from destroying it. If you are interested in examining the differences between Annie Sloan and van Gogh chalk paint visit my post here to find out more!

Happy Refreshing XO!

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