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Summer lovers, beach lovers, sandal lovers, and Eco lovers gather round. I have an incredible sandal to tell you about: Cocoze Sandals!! They are made with 100% natural and renewable materials....that is CRA-zy awesome!! Cocoze sandals are made from coconut fibers and natural rubber. You are going to love this tropical sandal treat for your sweet feet. I took these sandals for a long and hard test drive while in sunny Florida. The conclusion? Cocoze is on their way to perfecting the iconic summer sandal.

Why coconut fiber? Coconut fiber is typically considered a waste product, but not anymore. Coconut fiber is a natural exfoliate, breathable, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and very durable. They are even salt water resistant. Rinse and go, go, go!

When is the perfect time to wear Cocoze sandals? They are a superb accompaniment for the beach, spa, and definitely for a beach wedding! These would make great gifts for the whole bridal and groom party. Who likes to hike? I know typically you are supposed to wear closed shoes while hiking, but my toes like to be free. I will be going for short to moderate hikes this summer in my Cocoze. Find your ground and get trekking!

Cocoze has a LIVE Kickstarter to help make their dreams of a 100% biodegradable pair of sandals come true! What is a Kickstarter and how do you help Cocoze? Find out more here. NOW... The moment you have all been waiting for! An amazingly Eco, Coco-nutty, and delightfully natural Cocoze sandals giveaway!!!

The small business owner must be a master multi-tasker. You are constantly juggling a variety of tasks from attending meetings to tax preparation. A jack of all trades, right? I work with small businesses daily and one of the things that scares them the most about running their business is social media. You can approach social media like an intricate spiders web or you can approach it like taking a leisurely bubble bath. The whole point of social media is to network, connect, and interact with your potential customers. Below are ten easy steps on how to incorporate social media into your small business.

ONE. Have fun. Yes, it is true. Bring yourself, your life, your business to the people. They want to get to know the person behind the business. Show fun behind the scenes clips about the daily operations of your business. No one wants to see an Instagram feed full of your product stock photos....boring.

TWO. Fill out your social media profiles completely. Include your profile picture and business URL at bare minimum.

THREE. Do you have an Instagram account? If the answer is "no", then get one now. If you cannot get Instagram on your phone, get a new phone! Instagram is the most under-rated social media right now. Instagram boasts people of all ages. It is not just for the tweeners anymore. Instagram also gives you the chance to have real time interactions with your current and potential customers. It is a diamond in the rough.

FOUR. Google+. If you have Gmail then you have the ability to add people to your Google+ circles as you are returning or checking e-mails. Simply hover over the persons name in the upper right hand corner and add them to the appropriate circle. You add them and then hopefully they will add you back to complete the circle. Why is this important? You are building networks(or circles as Google+ calls them). Think of it as a real time e-mail list. You can share your business blog posts instantly with your ever-growing Google+ networks. Smart, huh?

FIVE. Link your social media accounts together. Linking your social media accounts together saves you time and energy. Post to three instead of just one social media at once. Instagram (for example) allows you to connect to Facebook and Twitter before you post. My only word of advice is do not connect Twitter to Facebook. Your every tweet streaming to Facebook will make your friends and customers angry. No one needs that.

SIX. USE #Hashtags. Four or Five general tags and one to two creative tags. Where do I use #hashtags? Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+. Why use #hashtags? People search them. Potential customers search their areas of interest. Potential businesses and bloggers are looking to connect with like minded people. It is like a telephone directory for the modern day. If you are not listed then people cannot find you.

SEVEN. Facebook. You need a presence on Facebook, but it should not be a primary focus. You are lucky if a handful of people ever see your posts. Facebook wants your money for you to be seen. The posts without photos get more visibility. The photos get the most interaction. It is a real crap shoot.

EIGHT. Pinterest. We are visual creatures. Both Instagram and Pinterest are pure visual fun. These two social medias are where everyone is hanging out. Have a presence there. Everything that you pin to Pinterest from your business or business blog is traffic that flows directly back to you. Genius really.

NINE. Make social media part of your day. Are you doing something interesting? Take a picture for Instagram or tell your Facebook followers! The more you practice the less of a hassle it will all seem.

TEN. You can do it. You can do it.

I hope in following these ten steps you can feel confident in your social media direction. Start interacting and start enjoying real results in numbers(money, traffic, and all that good stuff). Start powering your small business with social media today.
* I received an outfit to compose this post. All opinions are mine.
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"Salts Organic Clothing. Our Passion is to Dress you Better" ~ Jennifer Lynn Graham
Salts Organic is an Eco fashion clothing company from O' Canada! They are looking to help preserve our precious Earthly resources by using responsible and sustainable Organic cotton. Not to mention, Organic cotton makes you feel like an Egyptian goddess! Jennifer{whom is the yogi and driving force of Salts Organic} sent me the Bliss leggings in white and the Vairgya off the shoulder top.

I was a tad worried about the colors, but any worries I had quickly dissipated as I tried on the outfit. As you can see, even with my stark paleness the outfit looks truly fabulous!

The pieces drape to perfection. No bunching, no pinching, just flowing fabric! Salts Organic is THE Summer outfit! Perfect for traveling to the beach or undisclosed tropical locations{if you are into espionage}. Without further adieu, I give you the giveaway and Kickstarter{ONE week left} of Salts Organic! You have a chance to support Salts Organic enhance their entrepreneurial dream and obtain a beautiful outfit, so go visit their Kickstarter now!!!

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A BIG Bear-HUG Thank You!!!!
Thank you to Blaire Elizabeth of Second Ave Photography in Northern Virginia for the amazing photography. Please visit her page on Facebook and give her a well deserved thumbs up for her amazing work:)

My original plans involved no blogging during vacay, but I had such a terrible experience with the kiddos at the Animal Kingdom that I deemed it necessary to share my painfully-earned wisdom. Soak in the hilarious and exhausting tips that arose from the Madness at Disney World!

1.) Start early. The early bird definitely gets the worm at Disney. Get to the park within an hour of opening. If there is a ride you MUST get on, go there first and quickly. By mid day, the lines are 60 minutes plus.

2.) Stay at a Disney Resort. No one knows Disney like Disney. Disney is equals parts fun and exhausting, but the resources on location are priceless. The number one seller for me is transportation to and from the parks.

3.) Note bathroom and food locations. While walking around the parks at Disney take a mental note of the nearest bathrooms and food emporiums. Low blood sugar and crossing your legs while looking at tiny map icons are infuriating!

4.) Bring water, baby wipes, and hand sanitizer. These are my essentials. Baby wipes are incredibly handy regardless if babes are in tow. Baby wipes are perfect for freshening up during the day or cleaning food laden fingers. Also, bring your own water. You can stay hydrated on Mickey water, but you shall pay the golden price. Bring your own bottle to fill and go. I recommend Bobble. ALSO, kids are disease carriers. Hence the importance of quick and easy cleaning via hand sanitizer.

5.) Take frequent breaks. You are waiting in long lines. No one wants to hop out of line to a ride they have been waiting nearly an hour for. Pee before rides. You have been warned.

6.) Hoard the Disney extras. The kids meals come with grapes and carrots. Keep the extras for low blood sugar emergencies.

7.) Animal Kingdom. Stay clear of this park if you have Toddlers. There are very few things for them to do and loads of walking. This is the perfect park for teenagers and school age children.

8.) Magic Kingdom. A toddler haven. We followed all the steps above and had a fabulous time! Fun for everyone.

9.) Walk. Everyone says pick up a stroller, but I want my children to collapse at the end of the day. Have your children walk.

Have some Disney Tips? Can someone fill me in on how Fast Pass works? Please leave additional tips below in the comment section and I will add them to the list{with proper credit, of course}.

*I was sent a Balance starter set from Naturallogic Skincare. All words are mine.
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Mirror, mirror, on the wall who's the fairest of them all? It could be you. For the past two weeks, I have been using Naturallogic and sampling their Balance Starter Kit{see above}. It is a truly comprehensive system that places an emphasis on facial oils. I have used facial oils in the past and typically feel luke warm about them, but Naturallogic has the herbal magic completely refined. My skin tone really started to even out after a week of use. My face felt balanced. No upswings from dry to moisturized. Now after two weeks, my skin feels calmer and my pores smaller. You can now consider me an obsessed customer of Naturallogic.

First, I told you in my YouTube video{you can find this below} that Naturallogic utilizes the ingredient Willow Bark in many of their products and I had no idea why they used it. Willow Bark is used in cosmetics for its anti-inflammatory, soothing, and cell rejuvenation properties{source:}. Let's talk about the Glycolic Cleansing Gel. It is wonderful for daily facial cleansing: night and day. This product keeps the moisture on your money maker where it belongs. The Glycolic Cleansing Gel is one of my very favorite products from the Balance Starter Kit at Naturallogic. Also, the Cleansing Oil is great for a deep clean and removing make up after a long day. Both of these cleansers smell of a Geranium and Rose combo<3

Who doesn't love a mud mask?! Naturallogic has a Dead Sea Mud Mask with luxurious dead sea mud & miner. It is fabulous! Use once a week for a deep detoxifying clean. For me, the mud mask smells of an exotic peppery spice. Also, my favorite Naturallogic product by a long shot is the Amorphous Silica Micro-polishing Cleanser{say that three times fast}. It has a silky texture that contains very fine{micro} silica that gently work to remove dead skin. Your face feels clean, moisturized, and lightly exfoliated after use.

I covet these Naturallogic products: The Blemish Serum and the Balance Complexion Serum. The Blemish serum is chalked full of lavender and tea tree essential oils to cleanse out your pores. Simply dab a tiny bit on those dastardly blemishes before bed and awaken to find a much improved complexion. Speaking of complexions, the Balance Complexion Serum mimics its namesake and is geared towards bringing harmony to your skin.

Last, but certainly not least, we have the Balance Daily Moisturizer and the Balance Facial Toner. The Balance Daily Moisturizer is perfect for everyday wear. Light, creamy, with predominant Geranium notes. That small starter vial lasted for barely a week! The Balance Facial Toner is fresh, floral, and light....simply perfect<3

The wait is over! Drum roll please.....presenting a moisturizing, exfoliating, cleansing, soothing, balancing giveaway of natural proportions courtesy of Naturallogic Skincare!!

Spunky Real Deals readers get 10% OFF with discount code SRD10. Also, if you sign up for Naturallogic's mailing list you will get a discount code for 10% off a separate order. These codes expire in one year.
Eco Jewelry Giveaway US;04/22 {Sloane Jewelry Design}
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Jewelry is so very personal. I typically do not buy or even feature jewelry on the blog. It has to be perfect. The jewelry has to sing, sparkle, and shine! Sloane Jewelry Design has that special something and I am incredibly delighted to share them with everyone. Sloane Swayze is the owner of Sloane Jewelry Design and she sees to it that TLC goes into each and every piece. Eco resin is hand poured, dyed, cured for a week, and then hand sanded to perfection. Her jewelry is light weight, beautifully textured, features natural elements, and some pieces include elemental flakes{Copper, Gold, or Sliver} that throw off a radiating shimmer. Simply stunning Eco jewelry.
Eco Jewelry Giveaway US;04/22 {Sloane Jewelry Design}
Eco Jewelry Giveaway US;04/22 {Sloane Jewelry Design}
Eco Jewelry Giveaway US;04/22 {Sloane Jewelry Design}
Eco Jewelry Giveaway US;04/22 {Sloane Jewelry Design}
Eco Jewelry Giveaway US;04/22 {Sloane Jewelry Design}
Eco Jewelry Giveaway US;04/22 {Sloane Jewelry Design}

Who is ready for a Sloane Jewelry Design giveaway of Eco Resin proportions?!! 
Enter below:) Good Luck!

Eco Jewelry Giveaway US;04/22 {Sloane Jewelry Design}

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