Sonett {Spring Clean Giveaway}

Sonett {Spring Clean Giveaway} 5/21;US #natural #SpringCleaning #household #cleaners #home #Organic
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Sonett is a German run company that has a passion for creating efficient natural cleaning products that are also 100% biodegradable! That means when Sonett goes down the drain the water stays just the way it started{untouched}! At Sonett, you will find natural cleaning products FREE of allergens, enzymes, petrochemicals, fragrances, dyes, preservatives, genetically engineered organisms, and bleaching agents.

What I love the most about Sonett is they consider the entire environmental spectrum. Not just humans and not just mother nature, but both! Sonett is so incredibly affordable that I literally did a double take when looking at their prices! Let's get to cleaning{naturally} with the Sonett product that started it all: the Scouring Fluid.

Sonett {Spring Clean Giveaway} 5/21;US #natural #SpringCleaning #household #cleaners #home #Organic
I am in love love. The Scouring Fluid is great for the tub, sinks, granite counter tops, and ceramic tiles. You can also clean your silver with it! Check out the amazing before and after shots! My silver went from gross to whoa. The smell of lemongrass is "naturally-intoxicating". You will want to scrub everything you own!

Sonett {Spring Clean Giveaway} 5/21;US #natural #SpringCleaning #household #cleaners #home #Organic
The next sample I received from Sonett is the Orange Power Degreaser. This is a 100% plant derived natural cleanser that is ideal for removing grease stains or cleaning greasy areas{perfect companion for the kitchen}. Boy am I happy to hear that!

Last week, I was at an Italian restaurant sopping up bread with a high quality olive oil when a tiny drop fell onto my new Organic cotton skirt. Tragedy! I desperately tried to rub it out with some ice water, but the grease stain remained{until now}. I took photos, but it was pointless. I could not find the exact location of the original stain....poof gone! You can also use the Orange Power Degreaser for your floors! The orange and bergamot scent make it an aromatic pleasure to clean with.

Sonett {Spring Clean Giveaway} 5/21;US #natural #SpringCleaning #household #cleaners #home #Organic
Last, but certainly not least, is the Olive Wool & Silk wash. This is a product you can never fully appreciate until you really need it! If you are a business women or just love those pretty "dry-clean only" garments this is a must-have in your natural cleaning arsenal. It is gentle, smells like "clean", and really does the job with baby-like gentleness. I can now feel free to buy all the pretty silk shirts I desire, because now I have an amazing product to get them sparkly clean{naturally}.

Who is ready to roll up their sleeves for a natural, environmentally conscious, delicious smelling Spring Cleaning Giveaway with Sonett usa?


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