Surviving the Madness at Disney World

My original plans involved no blogging during vacay, but I had such a terrible experience with the kiddos at the Animal Kingdom that I deemed it necessary to share my painfully-earned wisdom. Soak in the hilarious and exhausting tips that arose from the Madness at Disney World!

1.) Start early. The early bird definitely gets the worm at Disney. Get to the park within an hour of opening. If there is a ride you MUST get on, go there first and quickly. By mid day, the lines are 60 minutes plus.

2.) Stay at a Disney Resort. No one knows Disney like Disney. Disney is equals parts fun and exhausting, but the resources on location are priceless. The number one seller for me is transportation to and from the parks.

3.) Note bathroom and food locations. While walking around the parks at Disney take a mental note of the nearest bathrooms and food emporiums. Low blood sugar and crossing your legs while looking at tiny map icons are infuriating!

4.) Bring water, baby wipes, and hand sanitizer. These are my essentials. Baby wipes are incredibly handy regardless if babes are in tow. Baby wipes are perfect for freshening up during the day or cleaning food laden fingers. Also, bring your own water. You can stay hydrated on Mickey water, but you shall pay the golden price. Bring your own bottle to fill and go. I recommend Bobble. ALSO, kids are disease carriers. Hence the importance of quick and easy cleaning via hand sanitizer.

5.) Take frequent breaks. You are waiting in long lines. No one wants to hop out of line to a ride they have been waiting nearly an hour for. Pee before rides. You have been warned.

6.) Hoard the Disney extras. The kids meals come with grapes and carrots. Keep the extras for low blood sugar emergencies.

7.) Animal Kingdom. Stay clear of this park if you have Toddlers. There are very few things for them to do and loads of walking. This is the perfect park for teenagers and school age children.

8.) Magic Kingdom. A toddler haven. We followed all the steps above and had a fabulous time! Fun for everyone.

9.) Walk. Everyone says pick up a stroller, but I want my children to collapse at the end of the day. Have your children walk.

Have some Disney Tips? Can someone fill me in on how Fast Pass works? Please leave additional tips below in the comment section and I will add them to the list{with proper credit, of course}.


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