BrookThere Organic Lingerie Giveaway

BrookThere Organic Lingerie and Clothing giveaway
*I received a BrookThere panty set and shirt in exchange for this post.
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A woman's body is a thing of beauty and contrary to the media's portrayal we come in all shapes and sizes. Model thin is not the "reality" industry standard. BrookThere is an Organic lingerie and clothing company that understands the beauty of "you".

BrookThere Organic Lingerie Giveaway

Comfort and Sexiness. Every woman wants to feel sexy and comfortable, but to achieve the combination together is something truly special. BrookThere has achieved this rare combination of comfort and sexy with both her lingerie and clothing lines! The shirt I am seen wearing is a Summer 2014 BrookThere piece. It is called "Blue Liberty", a 100% cotton button-down shirt. Tres comfortable and a Summer staple for your wardrobe. Wear this classic button down shirt with cut-off jean shorts, white leggings, or a gorgeously flowing white skirt. The possibilities are endless with the Blue Liberty!

BrookThere Organic Lingerie Giveaway

Tailored and Engaging. BrookeThere clothing and bras are a tailored art form. They conform to your body and hug it. No gaps or sags, just seamless Organic clothing to skin transition. Your spouse will be drawn to you the moment you put on a BrookThere Organic lingerie set. You will undoubtedly have an engaging audience!

BrookThere Organic Lingerie Giveaway
Confident and self assured. "There is something about BrookThere Organic lingerie and clothing that breeds confidence. I am not itching at lace or pulling fabric out of my derriere. I am comfortable, confident, and self assured."
BrookThere Organic Lingerie Giveaway
BrookThere Organic Lingerie Giveaway
LOVE and quality. These two go hand in hand. You can feel the quality and love put into each BrookThere piece. Strong, sturdy, and long wear{with great care} underwearBrookThere is handcrafted in the USA using sustainable fabrics. Go Eco lingerie....GO!

A BIG Bear-HUG Thank You!!!!
Thank you to Blaire Elizabeth of Second Ave Photography in Northern Virginia for the amazing photography. Please visit her page on Facebook and give her a well deserved thumbs up for her amazing work:)

Who is ready for the sustainable revealing of the BrookThere Organic lingerie giveaway?!?!
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