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Skincando Beauty Giveaway {06/05;US}

Skincando Beauty Giveaway {06/05;US}
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There are very few occasions in my life where I can say, "I found something I cannot live without". My husband, my children, chocolate, and now skincando. Say it with me skin-can-do! Sara Damelio is the owner of skincando and she brings 16+ years of experience in the herbal industry. Try her products just once and you will see what all the hype is about.

My first experience with skincando was at a local wellness and nutrition studio called Well and Good Studio in Leesburg. I was scheduled to receive a free mini facial from Sara Damelio{the master herself}. She is so in tune with your skin. In fact, she could tell my face was sensitive to a product she was using during part of my facial{NOT a skincando product}! Of course, I am no wimp and said nothing, but she already knew.

Skincando Beauty Giveaway {06/05;US}
During the facial, I got to experience her luxe Miracle Creme and Eye Balm. Ah, mammy! The word "good" does not do these products justice. My skin is always dry and sporadically breaking out. I have VERY sensitive skin. The Miracle Creme keeps my skin hydrated and even. My skin feels radiant and as I result so do I! The best part? A little goes a very long way.

The Eye Balm reduces fine lines, puffiness, and dark circles. It helps with all those dastardly tidbits that make you look like a flesh-eating zombie first thing in the morning:} Seriously though, if you have children do not even hesitate to buy the skincando Eye Balm. It makes you look like you got 8 hours of sleep instead of 5. Sweeeet....thank you Sara!
Skincando Beauty Giveaway {06/05;US}
One more thing, I also got to try skincando's "Organic" Combat Ready Balm that is literally a soldiers best friend. Combat Ready is a powerful balm that can be used for minor scrapes, bug bites, itching, burns, chaffing, and more! My son spends all day playing outside digging in the dirt and he complained the other day about his arm itching. I put some Combat Ready Balm on his itch and now my 4 year old is asking for Combat Ready Balm by name! We are definitely getting the Combat Ready Kit for Summer!

Are you ready to try the best thing since kale chips? Enter to win the skincando Mini Miracle Creme below!

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