Can you use a different clear wax with Annie Sloan? #chalkpaint

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The short answer is yes, but I would like to discuss specific scenarios. Most chalk paints work best with their companion waxes, but let's say{for example} you are looking for a more "Eco" clear wax alternative to Annie Sloan's. I started using other clear waxes while working on my Annie Sloan projects. The results may surprise you. From this day forward, you may find yourself working with two chalk paint systems at once*shock and awe*. Put on your cheap sunglasses, trench coat, and turn your smart phone to vibrate. We are on super secret status. This is the information chalk paint businesses don't want you to know.

Recently, I had a YouTube fan ask if there was a way to wax a piece for outside use? My initial answer was no way José! Then, I came across a natural furniture polish last week called Daddy Van's furniture polish that completely changed my mind. It is 100% USDA Organic and I have been using it for my outdoor wooden table for minor protection from the elements. This in my opinion, could be used outside over a small chalk painted project, but you would need to reapply it frequently if constantly exposed to the elements{about every 2 weeks}.  

I polished a front door centerpiece painted with Annie Sloan chalk paint in Coco with Daddy Van's Furniture Polish. It will off minor protections{thanks to the beeswax} and give it a nice sheen, but it is not "sealed" in the same way as if you were using wax{which is actually a good thing because it still "breathes"}. Never use wax over chalk paint for an outdoor project. Water, moisture, humidity gets trapped underneath your piece. Your paint will bubble up and flake off....promise! If you want a glossy finish for outdoor use, I suggest you use a different type paint or simply embrace the "matte finish" that is chalk paint. 

Can you use a different wax brand with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint? Yes, again. The natural clear waxes of Cece Caldwell's and van Gogh's will seal an Annie Sloan covered piece, but it goes on very greasy. It appears that the wax has trouble seeping in. No surprise there. Let the piece sit for 48 hrs and it will seal just fine. If you are doing a major project like painting your kitchen cabinets{for example}, I would use the same chalk paint system. Major projects require extreme diligence and consistency or you will have a less than desirable outcome. Here is an Annie Sloan chalk painted dresser{base of Napoleonic Blue} and van Gogh{top coat of Confidence} that I waxed with the van Gogh clear wax. She's a beaut!
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