Caru Soap Flash Giveaway

*I received nothing in exchange for this post. That's right.
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One sniff and you will fall in love. It is like that with natural soap, but especially Caru 100% natural soap. Their soap is gentle enough for your face. I remember saving my Caru French Green Clay Soap strictly for face washing. I would wrap it up each night and tuck it away from my husband. You know something is really good when you are hiding it from you spouse*grin*. Caru deploys the finest natural, Organic, and sustainable ingredients. They also boast transparent labeling! Every "Organic" beauty business should be as open and honest with their labeling.

Honesty is not the only thing you get with Caru. Their Eco beauty goodies are handcrafted in New York with a wrapper that epitomizes earthly Eco-love! Plant the seed-lined outer wrapper in a special sunny spot, water, and soon little sprouts will appear. Now that is Eco-conscious packaging. LOVE.

Without further delay, this is a Flash Giveaway:-} One of you lucky ladies or gents will win an Activated Charcoal Dead Sea Salt soap{see above} from Caru Skincare Co.!!!


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