How to make your own compost bin {DIY}

A compost pile is something I tried my hand at once before. I decided that I did not need to spend the money on a compost bin, so I just started a tiny pile in the corner of our yard. That was all well and good until my giant German Shepherd starting digging into it. She may have even pooped on it..HA! That was the end of my first attempt at composting.

Attempt numero dos. My brother-in-law from da Burgh and I were talking compost over the weekend. He talked about the great soil and minimal garbage output they have incurred since starting to compost. The composting promise land! The hamster wheel started turning once more. A-ha! I will make a compost bin out of a laundry basket. Don't ask me how my twisted mind and I got the idea *shrug*.

The extra tall laundry bin makes a perfect compost bin! The white colored bin was too much of an eye sore, so I painted the outside with Van gogh Paintology Chalk Paint in Bole. I love the brick red color of Bole! Around the open eyelets I added a pop of color with Van gogh in Confidence. The two colors look smashing together.

*I am not responsible for any injuries that might be incurred from this next step:) All legalities and jokes aside be careful cutting a hole in the top. Use a sharp knife or small scrolling saw. I also cut a hole near the bottom so I could reach my hand in from the bottom and pull out the freshly composted soil as needed.

What I love about making a compost bin yourself is you can personalize it the way you like! I do not even need to mention the loads of dough that you just saved by making one yourself versus the fancy boy tumbler....your welcome:) My boys and I are also having a blast searching for earth worms to add to our compost bin! Helping Mother Earth and entertaining the boys...priceless!

Happy Composting Earth Friends!


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