Huge Mystery Giveaway #funfun

Last week, There was a Twitter Party for Well & Good Studio located in Leesburg, VA. The swag bag has loads of goodies from some of my very favorite Eco small businesses. We happened to have a few swag bag leftovers, so it is your lucky day! TWO lucky Spunky Real Deals fans will win a mystery grab bag chocked full of goodies. I am not trying to be completely mysterious though, just alluring. Scroll down to visit the incredible donating small businesses and simply dream about what you might win! Fun fun. 

*images are examples of what you might win and not actually grab bag items.

An item from Zoet Bathlatier will be in your grab bag. Zoet Bathlatier is gorgeous from head to toe. All natural beauty from the core of the product to the impeccable packaging. The sun-kissed Rose Berry tint is one of my favorites. Be sure to peruse their luxurious natural bath salts and 100% vegetable wax candles! The Blue Agave nectar candle is a scent that cannot be described!!! Maybe, "I love you to the moon and back". Yep, that adequately describes my feelings.

Another grab bag item will be from Karmalades: Natural Cleaning with a conscience! I am quite fond of all their natural cleaning products, but the scrubbing souffle reigns supreme. Souffle sounds mighty dainty, but believe me this product packs a mean natural-cleaning wallop! You can clean/deodorize toilets, counter tops, granite, glass, sinks, and dishes. And the smell! It can only be described as delicious{no eating please}! Try the lavender sugar cookie scrubbing souffle.

Each winner will also get a trendy magnetic accessory from Magnificuffs! Adorn your shirt cuffs, pant legs, shoes, hair, your curtains{I have seen this lately}, or anything else your heart desires. The magnets are VERY strong, so you do not have to worry about your accessories going anywhere! The use of the magnet also means your clothes are completely safe. Bravo Magnificuffs! Practical and super trendy.

You will also find a little something from Mullein and Sparrow in your mystery bag. Mullein and Sparrow has a little bit of handmade herbal luxury just for little ole you! The owner Anit has a fascinating background which incorporates herbal medicine techniques from India and draws from her experiences in the fashion industry. Both are readily visible within her herbal skincare line. LOVE her lip and cheek tint. Just a dash will do and is smells fab too!

Last, but certainly never least is Everyday Natural Mama! This warm-hearted mama handcrafts delectable preservative-free, all-natural, & Organic skincare goodies. Say it with me, "Tangerine, Lime, and Geranium". WOW, the scent is completely unique and this all-natural body lotion seeps right into your skin. The stick is ultra convenient. I would keep this in the cooler at the beach! They also have natural deodorants, lip balms, facial creams, baby balms, and oh so much more!

Goodness me, can you even imagine what you might be getting if you win? Enter now!


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