Organic Bronzing Station {Summer Beauty Giveaway}

Summer is all about the tan. A deep golden bronzed glow! No one wants to be signaling airplanes as they are splashing in the surf. Back in Grandma's era, the only way to achieve the "golden goddess" look was by slathering their skin in baby oil while baking in the sun. Evidently, the American Cancer Society frowns upon this method. During the hay day of my teenage years, radiation emitting tanning beds was all the rage. Today, we have all-natural and plant-based tanning options from the Organic Bronzing Station. Hallelujah!

Organic Bronzing Station has perfected their plant-based "Bronzing Mist" aerosol spray tan recipe. You can purchase the "Bronzing Mist" online if you are unable to travel to Northern Virginia for their all-natural spray tanning services. I will tell you, however, that traveling from afar has not been an issue for many of Jennifer Wignall's{Founder and CEO of Organic Bronzing Station} out-of-state clients. When you want natural and the will travel. The "Bronzing Mist" is very light and did NOT irritate my extremely sensitive skin. I cannot wait to spray down my entire bod. To be honest, I am looking forward to Jennifer spraying every crack and crevice for my trip to Miami in August;-)

Spray Tanning is certainly the main event at the Organic Bronzing Station, but they have other natural products you simply must try! For starters, their all-natural sugarcane scrubs that come in grapefruit and coffee! As a caffeine addict, the coffee sugarcane scrub is my favorite. I am certain that I stood there sniffing and whiffing far longer than politely necessary:}

Organic Bronzing Station also has some very luscious 100% all-natural lotions. Some of which are specifically designed to prolong your au naturel "Organic Bronzing Station" tan! These lotions are paraben and mineral oil free The grapefruit lotion is the perfect scent for summer and I have been personally using it everyday! Happy Skin <3

Another Organic Bronzing Station product that is an Eco gal must is their all-natural deodorant. It is chocked full of tea tree essential oils with a starting base of coconut oil. It seeps right in. Simply apply, let dry, and get dressed within a matter of minutes. You can feel satisfied knowing that you smell fresh and that no nasty chemicals are touching your skin.

Are you ready for a "naturally sweet" Summer Giveaway with the Organic Bronzing Station?


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