Natural Colorant Sanding Sugar #Sweet

The little concentrated squirt bottles of dye are officially leaving my life:) Over the 4th of July weekend, I thought to make some sugar cookies for my boys using natural colorants with my "Organic" sugar cane sanding sugar{Fancy, right?}. I was almost compelled to use it in the dough, but got nervous about a dramatic taste difference. It has to be a really intense natural colorant to cover up that buttery-sugar goodness, but this time I decided to ere on the side of caution and just experiment with natural sanding sugars. But next time, I am going to get crazy and color the dough naturally!

I used unsweetened cocoa powder, beet powder, and carrot juice powder. The latter carrot juice powder was a bit sticky and you could taste the "carrot" a bit. The other two worked like a charm. I took a few small bowls of my Organic sugar cane crystals and mixed in my natural colorants dry. Then, I took a few drops of water and mixed each bowl to ensure the color got saturated well. Warning: Only add a few drops of water or you could be dealing with a sticky & clumpy mess!!

That is really that. Use your favorite sugar cookie recipe with these bad boys and you will have the prettiest and most sophisticated sugar cookies in town! Not to mention you are ingesting natural ingredients and calories...lots of delicious calories! Enjoy XO.


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