Easy Rustic Upholstery Makeover #DIY #HOME

My fabulous mother-in-law is always bring me free stuff. FREE is my favorite price! I can always work with free:) This time she brought me some sturdy, but fabulously outdated chairs. She also brought me some fabric and said maybe you can re-upholster the chairs using the coffee sacks? Light bulb! Yep, that is exactly what I did. I started to sew the fabric on the seat in an archaic fashion, but it was not working. Then I thought, of course, hot glue gun. Hot glue is really the solution to most(if not all) problems in life.

Start with the bottom cushion. Drape the material over the bottom chair cushion and cut around with a sharp pair of scissors. Make sure you are leaving plenty of material to tuck and glue. You can cut more material off, but you cannot put it back on. For your first side, simply tuck and glue. On subsequent sides, really focus on smoothing out your fabric and cutting excess off{if necessary}.
On to the top! The top cushions are easier than the bottom. Place your coffee sack fabric around your top-front cushion and cut a silhouette. Do the same for the top-back portion. You want to pay particular attention to your cutting. Keep your lines straight and leave 1/2" of fabric along the edges to play with. I folded the first edge and started hot gluing. Again, on subsequent sides focus on pulling your fabric smooth while gluing your edges. Trim as necessary.

How's it look? I think I used about 10 hot glue sticks altogether, in fact, I need to make a trip to the craft store to upholster the second. I think it looks great! These chairs were destined for the thrift store, maybe the dump, but they have good bones that deserve continued life. You can always work with free and good bones.

Happy Thrifting and Re-purposing!

Fluster Buster


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