How to make your own natural bath bombs #DIY

"I truly believe that Cleopatra should have been bathing in honey, but I guess milk was a good start too." ~ Heather P.{me}
Prelude: How I failed and lessons learned. Learn from my mistakes and avoid using too much oil. Too much oil will weigh your bath bombs down and result in less spectacular fizzing. Perhaps it will even start the citric acid reaction and ruin your bath bombs altogether. Bath bombs are a finicky bunch. The surrounding air needs to be Ccool, dry, and not too humid. If you just cooked something in the kitchen, took a steamy hot shower, or it just rained outside then you might want to wait to make bath bombs another day. Humidity can cause your bath bombs citric acid reaction. Resulting in a sad bath bomb that doesn't fizzle. One last thing, after your make your bombs and sit them down do not move them for the first day. The bath bombs need to cure 2 to 3 days and are very fragile at this point. I know you want to touch them...just restrain yourself:)

Want a hard bath bomb? You need to introduce water or Organic witch hazel. Just substitute for the oil and you will have a rock hard bath bomb in a few days.
What you will need to make Bath Bombs:
     Makes 4 Bath Bombs
8 oz. Baking Soda
4 oz. Citric Acid
4 oz. Corn Starch
4 oz. Epsom or Sea Salts {FINE not coarse}
0.5 to 1 oz. oil of your choice {Coconut is my favorite}
5 to 10 gtt. of lavender and/or peppermint essential oils
2 to 3 tbsp. of dried lavender or peppermint is a nice addition{optional}
    Large metal or glass bowl
    Tbsp measuring spoon
    Large spoon
    Gloves or clean dry hands
    Mold{bath bomb or any mold you have on hand}

First things first. Take your dry ingredients{baking soda, corn starch, citric acid, and salts} and mix them together thoroughly. I like gloves. Feeling the texture is important. Break up any clumps you may feel with your finger tips.

Secondly. Combine your essential oils with your oil of choice. Take your oil and slowly drizzle a small amount of your oil onto your dry ingredients. Quickly and thoroughly mix. Clump the ingredients into your hand and bounce. Do the ingredients hold together? No. Add a tiny bit more oil. Yes. Then you are ready to mold.

Third times a charm. Work quickly. Take your mold and press your mixture in gently. Overfill slightly. The connecting ends should be crumbly NOT smooth and compact. Loose and crumbly will compact when pressed together. Smooth and compact will not. Gently press together.

Fourthly. Work to remove your bombs immediately. DO NOT twist. If your mixture is on point it should not take much effort to lift the mold from your bath bomb. Do not be surprised if you are repeating this step several times!

Fifth and last. Lightly mist your bath bombs with witch hazel or water for a harder bath bomb. A paper towel lined area will work just fine. You can also place paper towels on top of your bath bombs if desired. Now leave them alone. Let your bath bombs cure for 2 to 3 days. Afterwards, transfer to a cool and dry location.

Good luck and may the force be with you!


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