Real Beauty & Beauty GIVEAWAY #RealProductsforRealPeople

And there I was sitting in the rain, not just literally, but figuratively too. Photography by Second Ave Photography in Northern Va.

Women are so much more than a waist and cup size. Life experiences, struggles, and sometimes tragedies mold us into the people we are today. If we are talking true beauty(and we are)...true beauty lies deep within. Sounds cliché, but it truly does. "Real beauty" cannot be exposed with a simple layer of lipstick. You....YOU must shine from within with all that you are. That light includes the good and the difficult life experiences(perhaps especially the difficult ones), which can combine magnificently to reveal the strongest and most beautiful "you" that you have ever known!

My heart sings and feels delighted to be apart of a "real beauty" campaign featuring the Organic Bronzing Station and some truly incredible women. These women are beautiful to the core of their being. They have overcome so much and have not only survived life, but have chosen to thrive in it. They are true warriors.

I have chosen to be a part of this campaign to bring awareness to mental illness. Too long have I sat in the rain and too long have I seen my own parents suffer. I in turn have suffered greatly and in ways that I am still learning about. In the video, you will notice that we are all wearing drapes. The drapes signify vulnerability and the strength to show it to the world.

My mother suffered so much in life that she tried to take her own life. That is Suffering. I found my mother on one of her suicide attempts. I was just coming home from working my high school job at the local pizza parlor.  She was sitting on the phone agitated, stuporous, and bleeding. She begged me not to call an ambulance. I drove her to the hospital, got lost, and had to ask for directions at a local fast food establishment. Once we arrived, she yelled at me for being hysterical and crying. I sat alone in the waiting area and drove home alone in the morning. Alone at 16.

Silence(I believe) is the breeding and root cause of mental illness. Staying silent and suffering alone can bring about a tragic end. IF you or anyone you know is suffering in silence reach out and ask them to talk. Speak your pain! Scream your pain! You must talk to someone. Someone loves you and more importantly you should love yourself. Be the light for yourself.

Giveaway Time!!
My bath and beauty business Eco Bathouse is a proud supporter and partner for the #RealProductsforRealPeople campaign. I want to show my love and support by hosting a beautiful Eco Bathhouse bath salts giveaway! One winner will be receiving the entire Eco Bathhouse Bath Salts Line! You will receive 7 oz. of the Ultra Lavender, Fresh PeppOmint, and Lemongrass/Tea Tree/Coffee bath salts. Good Luck!

Eco Beauty Warrior Business Advocates:
Blaire Ring of Second Ave Photography
Debbie Love of Embrace and Love Change
Heather Paulding of Eco Bathhouse


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