Sweet Skincando Beauty Giveaway #AmericanMade

Beauty Giveaway American Made Martha Stewart
Skincando is back with another tremendous giveaway! Among the giveaway items are the Miracle Creme and Eye Balm, both of which I personally use. One creamy application and you will raise your hands to the heavens screaming, "It's a moisturizing miracle"!  I am not just feeding you a line*The sound of a fishing pool reeling*. I purchase Skincando products with my own monies, because I believe they are among the very best. Well..it is official! Skincando is a finalist for Martha Stewart's American Made Awards! Now that is definitely *squeal* worthy!

Beauty Giveaway American Made Martha Stewart
Here's the deal. You help Skincando become a finalist by sharing the love and buzzing about her from Martha Stewart's American Made Awards finalist page featuring Skincando. What do you get in return? Feast your eyes on the beauties below!

One lucky winner will receive the: Miracle Creme 2 oz., Eye Balm 0.5 oz., Vegan Miracle Creme, and Brew.

Good Luck and may Martha Stewart be with you!;)


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