Why I like your city. Canaan Valley, WV 2014 Ed.

*This post is inspired by my husband and I's favorite sports authority Deadspin's Drew Magary. He writes the infamous and utterly pee-worthy, "Why your team sucks" columns. In honor of today's post please enjoy "Why your team sucks 2014: Ravens" by Drew Magary. Why? Because I hate them.

The West Virginian state motto: "Wild and Wonderful" is truly bulls eye accurate. Large rolling hills, lush greenery, tall trees, lakes, and a bountiful supply of wild flowers make West Virginia pure eye candy to any fortunate visitor. West Virginia is also incredibly "wild".  WV is full of a robust wildlife(both animal and people alike). I am certain that you could not have a better time anywhere if you tried! Over the weekend, we saw snakes, hawks, very BIG spiders, turkey, deer(who proceeded to look at us like,"What you want"?), and a baby skunk. This is not counting the many dogs who greeted us at every turn from the local neighborhood. Everyone is just so darn friendly in WV!

Our family spent Labor Day weekend in the middle of nowhere called Canaan Valley in West Virginia. The "very real" intro photo gives you a teeny tiny idea of just how picturesque this area really is! We even got a visit from a local neighbor who generously dropped off some firewood for our weekend bonfires via his four-wheeled vehicle(that is apparently how everyone gets around locally). The cabin had a hot tub, fire pit, and was complete with an area to play horseshoes. Now that is what I call country luxury! Uncle Steve even found a vintage Schwinn bike and took it for a spin! Across the street from our cabin was a small private air strip, so we even got to check out a few planes taking off.

Despite the luxurious accommodations, we did take in mother nature first hand with some scenic hikes in the local Canaan Valley state park. A perfect area for hiking and skiing(during the winter months). The trails are picturesque, well marked, and highly trafficked. Moderate in difficulty. So many trails! A true hikers paradise.

If you find yourself waking up in Canaan Valley and are thirsting for caffeine look no further than Boom Town Java located in Davis, WV. It is hip, modern, a lovely scenic porch, music, AND a fenced in playground for the kiddos. Just awesome! Sip that Joe while your kids are fenced in. That is what I call wake-up perfection!

So, The next time you are looking for adventure, beauty, or a romantic getaway look no further then the bounty of West Virginia. One of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. Happy Trails!


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