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Julep Maven Fall Beauty Giveaway #BeautyTrends

Julep Maven Nail Polish
*Julep is not involved in the giveaway portion of this post. I was not monetarily compensated.
Dark & Brooding photo gallery collection by Second Ave Photography.

Tis' the season for ghouls, pumpkin pies, and apple orchards. All the immense fun that comes with the cooling of  the summer heat and the transition of breezy colorful Fall. A part of the immense fun for me is the playful wardrobe changes. Layers and scarfs...I love scarfs! Fall allows you to become very creative with your style as layering becomes more important...and are always important! The season also brings a shift in color palettes. From brights to a richer variety of colours. Deep plum and black are my personal Fall colors of the season. I am also deeply in love with Julep nail polish, which I recently used for the first time via their Julep Maven Box. It was the Halloween addition!!! Did you know your first Julep Maven box is free(just pay for shipping)? Eep...eek! So much fun.
Julep Maven Nail Polish
Julep Maven Nail Polish
 *I am wearing the Julep nail polishes in Jet and Queen Anne.

Of course, I have heard all the hype about Julep before, but I am not a huge nail polish person. Take one look at these nails and you can see that this lady is not privy to the local nail salon. That being said, I felt Julep had a very easy and smooth application. It dried fast and the colors are out of this world gorgeous! I am definitely looking forward to next month's box!
Dark & Brooding photo gallery collection by Second Ave Photography.

This Fall 2014 season the fashion surrounds earth tones and south western style. Turquoise is my absolute favorite jewelry, which gives a pop of colour and breaks up all the earthy tones of my ensemble. Beware my ghoulish boys and gals that the Julep nail polish colors are in transition as well;-) Who is ready for a teeny, but sweet Julep Giveaway for the orange shimmer polish named Tatiana(pictured below)?

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