How to become Instagram Famous #SocialMediaTips

How to become Instagram Famous

Instagram is one of my very favorite social media platforms for one important reason: Easy visual sharing. Images are incredibly powerful. Often times it is hard to convey or invoke an emotion through mere words alone. Nothing is quite like imagery to really encourage the imagination to flourish. You MUST use the "visual" that is Instagram to your audience engagement advantage. Here are 11 bullet proof steps to guide you on your way to Instagram fame.

1.) Create a cohesive theme. *Sigh* Alas, the animal accounts of fido licking his derrière day after day get far more likes than my daily selfies. Consistency works. Be consistent with your account. The best feeds have a common theme, filter, look, and feel. That being said, creativity in your postings goe a long way. If you are not artsy or creative, I highly suggest that you find someone who is OR rely on a different form of social media. Play to your strengths. Twitter is great for the practical and uncreative types(most men).

2.) Make it perdy. Terrible photos translate to poor likes and interactions. What is a terrible photo? Blurred photos(generally) and poor lighting. Think about how quickly people scan your feed as they are looking at photos. It must "pop" at a distance or simply do not post it at all.

3.) Do not post at 3 PM(gosh I did this today). I am not sure if it is the school time or work thang, but interaction definitely drops off from 3 PM to 5 PM. The Best time to post is early 7 am to 11 am or early evening 6 pm to 10 pm.

4.) Interact with your followers. You can NEVER be instagram famous if you do not talk to anyone. If someone compliments your hair or photo you need to respond even if it was 2 months ago since you noticed. Your followers will get their online social needs met by someone else if you do not show them some love.

5.) Post at least once a day during the most frequently trafficked hours(see #3). Once a day is enough if it is a really solid post, but more is better. Do not ever force your posts. Post genuine and altered photos. I use the Snapseed app. It is easy and the results are amazing.

6.) What types of photos get the most interaction? Selfies, animals, scenery, beautiful people, beautiful imagery, and quotes.

7.) Create the perfect profile. How do you want people to perceive you. Are you a lawyer, blogger, small business owner, etc... What angle are you working? Keep your words short and witty. For example, allow people to connect with you via your profession, favorite football team, color, AND location. Put your relative location and business URL(at the very least) in your profile. Your URL can be your YouTube channel, Facebook page, Twitter account, etc... Also, if you have other Instagram accounts then you should also put your handles in your profile too. Think about your audience. Think. Think. Think. Light bulb.

8.) Who is your audience? You absolutely must know without a doubt who loves you and how to make them love you. Let me give you a tip. Be you. Check out google analytics and ad words. The statistics from these sites will help you understand your audience better.

9.) Which hashtags should you use? I am using the photo above as an example, but you should always keep your audience in mind. #greatoutdoors #naturalbeauty #scenery #openskies #country #WV #WestVirginia #beautiful #gorgeous #breathtaking #contrast #mountains #travel #trip #vacation #cabin #blue #green #stunning #rollinghills #photography. I choose hashtags based on the photo visually, the emotion it invokes, colors, and location.

10.) Translate your Instagram post to Twitter. Easier said then done. You can share to Twitter and Facebook when you post. Do both. For good Twitter engagement, your words must be short and to the point. For example(for the photo above), I would use the caption "West Virginia. Wild and Wonderful". To increase interaction tag a person(s) associated with your photo. Allow people to be swept up in the post of the moment while simultaneously increasing your visibility.

11.) Videos are for YouTube. Folks are impatient and many times it simply takes too long for a video to load. Next profile. Keep video postings to a minimum. They simply do not get the likes and interaction that photos do.

Now who's ready to become Instagram famous? Go Get'em Tigers!!!


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