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Shabby Paints better than Annie Sloan? #chalkpaint

Shabby Paints better than Annie Sloan? #chalkpaint
My question above is merely a philosophical search for the best chalk paint. An on-going quest if you will. I discovered Shabby Paints last week after a trip to Weathered Elegance where my friend and stockist Scottie started telling me about this zero-VOC arcylic based chalk paint. No buffing and No waxing? Intrigued, I purchased a Shabby Paints shimmer paint in Sapphire Sea to use in my son's bedroom. I though it would be a nice contrast to the matte Van Gogh brick red color of Bole. I am going to tell you in detail my experience with Shabby Paints shimmer paint from start to finish and maybe you will want to experience this acrylic-chalk paint journey that is Shabby Paints!

Shabby Paints shimmer paint. Let it be known that I have never worked with metallic paints before last week. Shabby shimmer paints are very thick and super fun. You will want a separate container to glob out and stir in a little water for a workable paint. The shimmer paints or metallic paints should be applied thinly for the best results. I did start to get carried away and caked it on at one point. Heavily applied metallic paint does not adhere very easily and is easy stripped off with subsequent brush strokes.
Shabby Paints better than Annie Sloan? #chalkpaint
What I love about Shabby Paints. They are Made in the USA, Non-Toxic, 100% Vegan Friendly, and Zero-VOC. VOC's are essentially chemical compounds that are released into the air over time. Some of which are dangerous to humans. Shabby Paints have ZERO of these potentially harmful VOC's. Also, once applied Shabby Paints are tough.

Shabby Paints <3 continued...You can also apply a VAX to achieve a matte like finish, which is the reverse of Annie Sloan chalk paint. Annie Sloan applies matte and then you use a clear wax and buff to achieve a sheen finished look. Shabby Paints dry with a glossy sheen due to their acrylic base. I did not use the VAX last week. We will save that for another day.

 A duel-chalk paint discovery. I applied a thin coat of Shabby Paints Sapphire Sea on top of my Annie Sloan chalk painted table in Coco. That table is a favorite play table for the boys and after they got it all dirty I washed it. The Sapphire Sea started peeling right off. Perhaps a bit of VAX would keep that from happening in the future. I will keep you posted. However, the end result is shabby chic adorable!
Shabby Paints better than Annie Sloan? #chalkpaint
Shabby Paints better than Annie Sloan? #chalkpaintShabby Paints better than Annie Sloan? #chalkpaint
Shabby Paints better than Annie Sloan? #chalkpaint
Shimmery Blue Bedroom. My son loves the Sapphire Sea color of the trim, fire place, and his bed! Shabby Paints stays put and have a finished look even with the use of VAX. VAX is a varnish and acrylic resin combination. Again, I have not used VAX....yet. The trim was difficult to paint in bright shimmery blue, but after a few touch ups it will be perfection. This bright shimmery color is perfectly suited to a vibrant young boy. The paint stretched very far. One 16 oz. jar painted nearly the entire room. Great coverage Shabby Paints!

You should consider Shabby Paints for your next home improvement painting project! Eco-friendly paints with an exceptional user experience. I am impressed and will be exploring their line more extensively in the coming months. If you are looking for additional information Scottie generously supplied more with a Shabby Paints Shimmer Paints Guide. Until next time chalk paint lovers. Be bold and create something! XO.

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