DIY Rustic Christmas Centerpiece

Rustic Christmas
DIY holiday centerpiece
Do you have the dreaded responsibility of hosting Christmas Eve and Christmas Day family gatherings? I know I do! I cannot help you with scrubbing your toilets, but I can help you compose an elaborate Christmas table that will have your guests complementing your efforts all night long! The most important element(besides the feast) is the Christmas centerpiece. The central element to your Christmas table will have your guests attention all night long. The Christmas centerpiece you see before you was less than $20!!! Let me give you a tour and show you how to compose a fresh and mind-blowing Christmas centerpiece this holiday season.

When composing your centerpiece you want to ensure that it is low lying so that you can see your guests while they are conversing. Next, take a walk with you family to gather some of nature's treasures: like beautiful tree branches, berries, floral, and pine cones. Whatever you cannot find outdoors can easily be substituted with a cheap grocery store bouquet.

holiday centerpiece
Underneath the center piece are three small and shallow bowls, you want to fill them with water and start layering your greens so they cover your bowls. In the middle of your bowls, fill them with your floral. Layer and layer until the centerpiece looks full and lush. Scattering a few pine cones is a nice rustic touch!

Orange Pyramid and floral
Tarts and Chocolates
Some additional foodie details to add to your centerpiece include: a tidy orange pyramid and a platter of sweets. Both are sure to keep your guests busy prior to the family dinner. If you would like, substitute the platter of sweets for a savory plate of fine cheeses.

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Here is a toast from my family to yours! Merry Christmas everyone.


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