DIY Rustic Christmas #giftwrapping

Rustic Christmas
Christmas is slowly stalking the horizon! I know many of you have not even finished your shopping yet, so I think it is appropriate to include rustic Christmas wrapping in today's post! This year I got crazy with the boring brown Kraft paper. This year glitter and I are getting down!! Oh...we did. My house will be glittery until Summer 2015 to prove it. I am also mighty proud of my super easy DIY front door Christmas wreath! Let's get to it and I hope that you feel inspired by some of these adorably rustic Christmas décor ideas.

Rustic Christmas Wreath
The wreath! The first thing your guests see when approaching your front door. I do not know about you, but I do not have time to meticulously craft a front door masterpiece! You can see for yourself. I simply added a pretty satin ribbon and below I hung some candy canes with handmade ornaments. I wanted to use the red and green Christmas color palette this year. The only thing that is missing is a sign that says, "Happy Holidays! Please take a candy cane". We are right at street level so I thought that would be a nice touch for patrons passing by.
Rustic Christmas Presents
Have you ever thought about organizing your Christmas presents? Well, perhaps you should. Use a wooden box and fill your wrapped Christmas presents to the brim! This presentation of presents looks absolutely stupendous underneath the glittering tree!! I even added a wooden sign that says, "Don't open until the 25th". Nice touch Santa;-)

Rustic Presents Gift Wrapping
Typically, using a bag instead of wrapping your gift is seen as tacky. However, The method as seen above is both beautiful and delicate. Details are everything! I stumbled across blank wood chip tags with the hole already drilled in them! I knew these would be my name tags for our Christmas presents this year. I used type-writer style stampers to stamp names and initials. It looks amazing! I accessorized the plain Kraft bags with brightly colored bows. Easy and impressive!

Rustic Presents Gift Wrapping
Rustic Presents Gift Wrapping
There were a few gifts I straight up wrapped with Kraft paper or shipping paper. On the top, I used glue and went to work with large amounts of glitter! The little twinkle lights from the tree throw light onto the presents causing them to sparkle! Handcrafted love for your loved ones. You are not just wrapping a gift you are creating Christmas art! XO.

See you tomorrow for day four of DIY Rustic Christmas! Happy Holidays!


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