DIY Rustic Christmas: Day 7 #HoHoHo

Last year, I did a comprehensive DIY Rustic Christmas post. This year, I wanted to explore all the wonderful details that make a Rustic Christmas both shabby and chic! The first stop on our 7 days of Rustic Christmas is my "cheese wheel box" drink caddy creation(say that three times fast). If you do not have a wooden cheese wheel box do not fret....PANIC:) Just kidding. Simply use another chippy container that is round and fairly deep. There are two big reasons this is such a great holiday idea: aesthetics and organizational.
Rustic DIY Drink Caddy
For organizational purposes, it keeps the clutter contained. Drinks are in one small area and easily obtainable for your holiday guests. Let them help themselves to beverages while you are helping yourself to another glass of eggnog....cheers*wink*! For aesthetic purposes, the cheese wheel box is like a holiday collage! I started adding candy canes to the side and put greenery on the edge this morning. I even added my son's little stuffed snowmen and some extra holiday bulbs!

Rustic DIY Beverage Caddy
Lastly, This container fits quite a lot! I had four wine bottles and a dozen seltzer cans with numerous decorations inside about a week ago. I drank most of the wine and started giving away a few as gifts. This set-up could be a great way to store wine and beverages long after the holiday season is through.

Enjoy the cheer and wonder of the season and see you tomorrow for Day 6!


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