Eco Beauty Ultimate Holiday Guide #Christmas

Eco Beauty Holiday Gift Guide
Eco beauty is a downright passion of mine. The cosmetics and personal care products we use go directly into our blood streams. Using beauty products with high quality Organic and natural ingredients are important to our health. Not to mention, that the majority of Organic beauty companies are also Eco-conscious when it come to our environment as well as utilizing local ingredients. These small businesses are employers and working to support their families as well as pursuing their passion! You got to love that! Enough jabber...let's get to The Ultimate Holiday Guide by me(The Stache). Every brand mentioned is a product I have either reviewed or one that I use personally.

Oh So Good Organics Soap
Awarded Most likely to be in my Stocking
Sweet Orange Poppy Soap by Oh So Good Organics

I am a soap lover, but this is not just any soap. Oh So Good Organics is a local Northern Virginia artisan who handcrafts small-batches of soap utilizing Organic oils and essential oils. An artisan who painstakingly locates each individual ingredient in search of perfection. Those high quality ingredients result in an "out-of-this world" bar of soap! Seen above is the Sweet Orange Poppy. You will be sorry if you only buy at least six. Available now at Well & Good Studio in Leesburg, VA.

Skincando Miracle Cream
Awarded Most Likely to Cure Winter Face Woes
Miracle Creme by Skincando

It was a miracle to find this "Miracle Creme" by Skincando. My face is very very dry practically all year round, but especially during the winter months. The Miracle Creme is a savior. It is very thick and you only need a finger tips worth to get the job done. If a good facial moisturizer is worth it's weight in gold than this one is worth a fortune;-) Sensitive skin? Then the Miracle Cream is perfect for you. Available at Well & Good Studio in Leesburg, VA.

BrookThere Organic Lingerie
Awarded Most Likely to Be Naughty and Nice
BrookThere Organic Lingerie with photography by Second Ave Photography

Feel sexy and comfortable. BrookThere Organic Lingerie has an Eco fashion designer touch that is feminine, sexy, and smart. Brook's pieces are very well made. Straight from the shores of Maine into your lingerie chest. Here is that elbow nudge reminder to buy something for, I mean for the person you love. Enjoy hot toddies and you are welcome;-)

Woodroze Sunglasses
Awarded Most Likely to Be Floating
Woodroze Ostrich Wooden Sunglasses with photography by Second Ave Photography

The #1 question I get asked when out in public: "Where did you get your sunglasses?" No surprise here. These handcrafted wooden sunglasses are indeed a thing of beauty. The pair I am wearing is wooden and they float! For a water sports enthusiast, this feature is a real sunglasses and money savor. Woodroze sunglasses are worth every penny and like a fine wine they definitely get better with age.

Eco Fashion
Awarded Most Likely to keep you Eco Fashionable 
Tea Dress by Whiskey Dog Wares and Turban Headband by Vietto

Emily Miller creates ultra flattering and very comfortable women's clothing to suite every body type. She is a master with cotton materials and the stun factor is clear upon all who gaze upon you.  The chilly weather has brought sleeves to the adorable Tea Dress and would fit adoringly underneath the Christmas Tree. Another Eco Fashion adoration of mine is Vietto. It all started with the Turban Beanie that she no longer has. Minna, when are you making more of those? I need one. Anyway, I am in love with this Finnish fashion designer. She knits the most beautiful scarves. Perfect for the freezy months ahead.

RMS Beauty
Awarded Most Likely to Keep your Lips and complexion bright
RMS Beauty with photography by Second Ave Photography

May I recommend the Living Luminizer and the "un" cover up. The Living Luminizer brights your complexion and the "un" cover up functions as a foundation/concealer all-in-one. Both products are amazing! I am also a huge fan of the Lip2Cheek. Lip2Cheek is a duel purpose product with Organic Ingredients that nourish and heal the skin. The only make up I own right now is from RMS Beauty. Available now at Well & Good Studio in Leesburg, VA.

Cocoa Coffee Bath Salts
Awarded Most Likely to Relax the Body and the Mind
Eco Bathhouse Cocoa Coffee Lavender Bath Salts with photography by Second Ave Photography

Eco Bathhouse is my baby and I do believe it deserves an honorable mention. These bath salts are named in honor of my wonderful photographer and friend Blaire Ring of Second Ave Photography.  These bath salts are made with Organic Cocoa and Local Coffee from Hopscotch Coffee in Leesburg, VA. The combination of Local Epsom salts and grey sea salts are ultra relaxing, cleansing, and detoxifying. The Organic lavender essential oils deepen your relaxation experience. A perfect stocking stuffer indeed. Available now at Well & Good Studio in Leesburg, VA(not this particular product, but many others).

I hope this Merry & Eco Beautiful list helps you finish your last-minute holiday shopping gifts! Happy Holidays from my family to yours. XO.


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