Happy New Year Giveaway #lush #ecobathhouse

Happy New Year! Well, almost! I cannot imagine a better way to kick start 2015 then with a kick ass giveaway. Most of you know that I am a Lush fanatic. I made my post-Christmas run this week and brought back a surprise for you(my fans). I am humbled and oh so grateful that you take time to come visit Lil' ole me. The giveaway today will consist of an old Lush favorite(The Avobath), a new Lush favorite(From Dusk Til' Dawn), and my personal line of fresh bath salts from Eco Bathhouse(Lavender, Tea Tree, & Thyme).

Here's the nitty-gritty of what one lucky winner will be receiving! From left to right, Dusk Til' Dawn is a massage bar that is meant to be shared. An aphrodisiac scent that smells of citrus. It is quite intoxicating and literally started to melt as I picked it up to place into the bag! You are going to love it<3 The Avobath is a bath bomb that frequents my bath tub. Lemongrass and fresh avocados....need I say more? You will also receive a present from Eco Bathhouse. January's new bath salt creation: Lavender, Tea Tree, and Thyme. Learn more about Eco Bathhouse below!

Eco Bathhouse is my all-natural and Organic ingredients bath company. Every month, I choose a fresh accessory ingredient from my garden and hand dry it to include in my monthly bath salt concoctions. Now that's fresh! January's bath salts feature thyme. Thyme is a magical herb inside and out for your body. It is a fantastic anti-bacterial agent for your skin assisting to heal body acne in a gentle fashion. Thyme is also great during the cold winter seasons as an anti-inflammatory for coughs and colds. Read more about the beneficial properties that thyme has for you skin here.

Happy New Year 2015 my natural bubble lovers!!!


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