Oh So Good Organics #Giveaway

Organic Soap Sweet Orange Poppy
I am a soap snob. Some women spend money on handbags and shoes....I drop dough on high quality soap. I am talking Organic essential oils, fair trade ingredients, Organic butters, and lovingly handcrafted in small batches just like  Oh So Good Organics! Your one stop shop for high quality soaps and soy candles. Did I mention that Oh So Good Organics is absolutely addictive?!

The Sweet Orange Poppy soap is my absolute favorite. I have stocked away and purchased nearly 6 bars. The Sweet Orange Poppy is exfoliating, moisturizing, cleansing, and very gentle! I am trying to tone down my usage to save some of this delectable Organic soap for Christmas presents. My will power is not holding up very well thus far. I may have to place another order before Christmas:)

Organic Soap Lavender
Another classic scent is the floral/herbal aroma of lavender. Calming, soothing, and healing. Gentle for children and adults alike. A beautiful soap to look at and when the children are bouncing off the walls with Christmas spirit you can sniff your soap for calming relief. You can also bath your children with it for their calming relief. Either way:)

Oh So Good Organics soap stands up to the test of time as well. It will NOT melt into oblivion during the first use. All this soap talk and you would think soap is all they have to offer. Not so. In fact, our natural scented giveaway is for an Oh So Good Organics Lavender 8 oz. Botanical Soy Candle.

Organic Soy Candle Lavender
I did own one of these lovely Lavender Botanical Soy Candles, but I burned it day and night until there was nothing left. Needless to say, I adore lavender and this high quality soy candle. A beautiful and natural gift for any candle lover! Christmas gifts anyone? Happy Holidays and enter for your chance to win one below!


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