Clay Bath Truffles #DIY

While surfing on Instagram, I came across a Swedish bath company Evelinas Ekologiska that had the most eye catching image of a bath product I have never seen before. She called them "bath balls" and they were comprised of coconut oil plus essential oils of your choosing. She then rolled them in some healing herbs from her garden. Creative, beautiful, therapeutic, and the inspiration for my NEW Eco Bathhouse creation utilizing Moroccan clay.

 *Photo from Evelinas Ekologiska

My obsession over the past month has been creating the perfect natural and Organic bath clay utilizing the most beneficial and natural ingredients. Last week, I created a recipe for a bath clay inspired by LUSH and their bath dough known as "FUN".  FUN is a 4 in 1 multi-purpose bath time dough. You can use it as soap, bubbles, shampoo, and play! Very fun. My only concern is LUSH uses SLS(Sodium laureth sulphate) in many of their products to include "FUN".

SLS is responsible for the bubbles and foaming action. It also has many "toxicity considerations" associated with it. I used cornstarch in last week's recipe, but because it can encourage yeast infections I switched to using arrowroot flour. Arrowroot flour is grown in parts of Thailand and Brazil. Many people in those regions have used arrowroot flour as a means to draw toxins out of poisonous bites and to heal wounds. It also has moisturizing properties too! A perfect ingredient to add to a detoxifying bath clay.

The original recipe came from The Curious Soapmaker. She helped me identify the correct ratio of ingredients to use for the bath clay. In paying homage to Valentine's Day, I am using the Organic essential oil combination of  Rose(rosa damascena) and Lavender(lavendula officinalis). The rose essential oil is a healing aphrodisiac and a perfect accompaniment to a romantic evening. The red Moroccan clay with the arrowroot flour starts to melt quickly in warm water. Prepare yourself for a luxurious and therapeutic bath time soak!

Store in an airtight container between uses. If you do not feel like making these yourself then I have GREAT NEWS!!! Eco Bathhouse(my all-natural and organic bath company) now sells bath clay. Exfoliate, cleanse, and soak. Vegan and preservative free. Perfect for the entire family to use!
 *All ingredients were scale weighed*

Clay Bath Truffles Recipe 
1.5 oz Arrowroot Flour
1.5 oz Red Moroccan Clay
2.0 to 2.2 oz Vegetable Glycerin
1 drop Rose essential oil
5 drops of Lavender essential oil

On the Outside:
1 tbsp Coarse Epsom salt
1 tbsp Calendula petals
1 tbsp Lavender buds

First, combine the arrowroot flour and clay in a clean/dry bowl. Create a double boiler by placing a large/deep pan filled half way with water and place onto the burner to simmer. Grab another clean/dry bowl and place inside the simmering water. Add your vegetable glycerin and wait 1 minute before adding your dry ingredients. Add your dry ingredients all at once and stir rapidly with a wooden spoon to combine. Let cool for up to 2 minutes then add your essential oils. *Carefully* pick up the hot dough and begin to kneed until smooth and pliable.  Form into four equal sized balls. Wait 5 minutes to cool. Re-form into balls(if necessary) and roll into your herbal/salt mixture. Yippee! You did it! Let sit to cool completely and store in an air tight container.

Fluster Buster


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