Fashionable in January #ecofashion

Ethical is the new black
how to stay fashionable in winter
Vintage Black Dress
Here in the northeast portion of the United States we are dealing with the bitter bleakness of January. It can make dressing fashionable and feeling sexy downright difficult. For me, layering is the key to fashion success during the winter months. You can wear a long dress with tights underneath, add scarfs, wool hats, and camisoles for added warmth. Winter can be so bitter cold that I cannot bare to traipse around in heels. Boot season should be embraced and is in full swing.

My approach to fashion is both frugal and lavish. I choose to mix both vintage and modern pieces. There is something so beautiful about a vintage staple that no one else owns. It is exclusive to you and your style. Vintage is also Eco friendly. The vintage fur jacket that I am wearing is a good example.

I put nearly 100 stitches in this jacket before wearing it. Right now it could be sitting in a landfill, but with a little TLC this jacket is refreshed and ready for wear. I would never buy a brand new fur jacket and neither should you. The fur trade industry is evil. I do not believe in killing animals exclusively for their pelts. I do not believe in waste either, so that is why I will occasionally purchase a vintage fur jacket. The vintage fur jacket pictured is actually a hand-me-down from my mum-in-law.
Vintage Fur CoatVintage Black Dress
Fringe Scarf
Fringe Scarf
Winter Fashion
The other vintage piece I am wearing is an 80s dress from Finland with capped sleeves and fitted-style. It is in perfect condition and from the Vietto vintage collection. The dress looks lovely with boots and the additional layering of the fringe scarf, also from Vietto. I bought the Finnish fringe scarf as a Christmas present to myself. It is hardy, versatile, handcrafted, and will be worn for many years to come. The purse is a Christmas gift from my fashionable sister-in-law. The vibrant blue adds a lovely POP of color to my steely gray and black ensemble. Last, but not least, are the boots from Nine West. Stay ethical, fashionable, and warm this winter. XO.


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