LUSH FUN ReMix Bath Clay Recipe

My obsession lately has been creating the perfect natural and Organic bath dough utilizing the most beneficial and natural ingredients. Last week, I created a recipe for a bath clay inspired by LUSH and their bath dough known as "FUN".  FUN is a 4 in 1 multi-purpose bath time dough. You can use it as soap, bubbles, shampoo, and play! Very fun. My only concerns are the ingredients of SLS(Sodium laureth sulphate) and talcum powder.

The SLS is responsible for the bubbles and foaming action. It also has many "toxicity considerations" associated with it. The cornstarch concern has to do with the encouragement of yeast infections for us ladies. Cornstarch was in last week's recipe. I wanted to create or "ReMix" the LUSH FUN recipe(again) minus the SLS and cornstarch. Behold the picture at the tippy top! Made with red Moroccan clay, a touch of cosmetic glitter, NO SLS, and absolutely preservative free.

The original recipe came from The Curious Soapmaker. She helped me find the correct ratio of ingredients to use. The boys and I love the FUN in blue with chamomile and lavender, so that is the FUN ReMix scent you will see here today. This is the second round with a different clay. Let's do a quick comparison. The first recipe included french green clay and cornstarch. This combination holds its form and melts very slowly in the water. Perfect bath time play for the kiddos. The red Moroccan clay with the arrowroot flour starts to melt quickly in the warm water. This recipe is great for cleansing/exfoliating your hair and body.

If you had access to Rhassoul clay that would be the best for cleansing your hair, but it is not readily available in stores. The red Moroccan clay(when in contact with warm water) melts into a thick exfoliating past. The colors(as you might expect) are earthy tones. I added some fine cosmetic glitter that give off a pretty sparkling sheen. Remarkably the glitter does not go everywhere during bath time.

Store in an airtight container between uses. If the dough gets a little dry over coming days and weeks just massage a natural oil like olive oil, safflower oil, or sweet almond oil to rehydrate your bath clay. GREAT NEWS!!! Eco Bathhouse(my all-natural and organic bath company) now sells bath clay. Exfoliate, cleanse, and soak. Vegan and preservative fee. Forget the kids, this is great for moms too!

*All ingredients were scale weighed*

First, combine the arrowroot flour and clay in a clean/dry bowl. Create a double boiler by placing a large/deep pan filled half way with water and place onto the burner to simmer. Grab another clean/dry bowl and place inside the simmering water. Add your vegetable glycerin and wait 1 minute before adding your dry ingredients. Add your dry ingredients all at once and stir rapidly with a wooden spoon to combine. Let cool for up to 2 minutes then add your essential oils. *Carefully* pick up the hot dough and begin to kneed until smooth and pliable. Yippee! You did it! Let cool and store in an air tight container.


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