LUSH FUN ReMix Recipe #DIY

LUSH FUN ReMix Recipe
Who's ready for some FUN?!
LUSH is one of my favorite brands for natural bath time indulgences. My children and I have fallen in love with FUN, which is a 4 in 1 multi-purpose bath time wonder. You can use it as soap, bubbles, shampoo, and play! Very fun. My only concern is SLS(Sodium laureth sulphate), which is responsible for the foaming or bubbles. You can read a list of SLS dangers here. I wanted to create or ReMix the LUSH FUN recipe minus the SLS and talcum powder. Behold the picture at the tippy top! Made with French Green Clay and NO SLS.

The original recipe came from The Curious Soapmaker. She gave me the idea of what ratio of ingredients to use. The boys and I love the FUN in blue with chamomile and lavender, so that is the FUN ReMix you will see here. The color turned out to be an army green color with the French Green Clay, but the texture and scent are spot on to the original FUN. Keep your eyes on Eco Bathhouse(my all-natural and organic bath company) for a bath dough coming your way. Forget the kids, this is great for moms too! :)

LUSH FUN ReMix Instructions
First, combine the corn starch and clay in a clean/dry bowl. Create a double boiler by placing a large/deep pan filled half way with water and place onto the burner to simmer. Grab another clean/dry bowl and place inside the simmering water. Add your vegetable glycerin and wait 1 minute before adding your dry ingredients. Add your dry ingredients all at once and stir rapidly with a wooden spoon. Let cool for up to 2 minutes then add your essential oils. *Carefully* pick up the hot dough and begin to kneed until smooth and pliable. Yippee! You did it! Store in an air tight container.

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