Sugar and Spice Organics Beauty Giveaway

Sugar and Spice Organics Beauty Giveaway
*I was monetarily compensated for this post. All words and opinions are my own.

Sugar & Spice Organics is a deliciously Organic skincare company that specializes in small-batch face and body scrubs! Their scrubs are preservative-free, GMO-free, and they use ethically sourced ingredients. Nothing but purely beneficial ingredients for your face & body. It was my face and body's absolute pleasure to review the Cinnamon Sugar Face & Body Scrub.

I opened the lid, took one whiff, and immediately thought about consuming it. The smell invokes childhood thoughts of your mama standing in the kitchen lovingly preparing a delicious cake! One peek at the ingredients on Sugar & Spice Organics label and you can begin to comprehend your urges to eat it. You basically can. Sugar & Spice Organics face & body scrubs are comprised of Organic oils, Organic cane sugar, Organic raw honey, and Organic spices. The smell is absolutely heavenly: spicy, sweet, warm, and soothing! An incredible sensory experience from just a scent perspective, but that's not all!
Sugar and Spice Organics Beauty Giveaway
Some sugar scrubs can be rough or dry and most are only to be used on the body. Sugar & Spice Organics has a gentle and smooth application. Gentle enough even for your face! I do love duel purpose products. Organic oils and Organic cane sugar leave your skin moisturized and glowing! It is like being at the spa in your very own abode. Heck, I even used it to exfoliate my lips! It tastes awesome....whatever I wanted to eat it anyway;-) The Organice raw honey adds a sweet, almost floral scent. Complex and delectable. It left my skin feeling refreshed and smooth. Sugar & Spice Organics Face & Body Scrub is a winter skin life savior! They can even alter their scrubs to suit Vegan beauties everywhere!

Are you ready for a deliciously exfoliating treat for your dry winter skin GIVEAWAY?!


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