Annie Sloan Chalk Paint: Kitchen Cabinet Maintenance

Recently, I received a YouTube comment under my popular "How to paint your kitchen cabinets with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint" video. The gentleman wanted to know how my cabinets were holding up after 2 years. Below you will see(via a NEW YouTube video) the full spectrum of kitchen cabinet damage over 2 years. The place that incurred the most damage was the cabinets immediately below the sink. However, if you do a thorough job painting(2 to 3 coats), seal with wax(2 thin coats and allowing to dry 12 hours between applications), and maintain the wax(when the clear wax appears dull you should apply another thin coat) you will never have to re-paint. Alas, I have two toddlers and the clear wax applications were missed. Now, I have to re-paint AND seal with clear wax. Maintaining your chalk paint projects is par for the course, especially if it sees a lot of use!

In my kitchen, there are 3 areas of differentiated wear and tear. (1.) Underneath the sink, it looks pretty shabby. I am going to thoroughly clean and allow the area to dry. I will then take my Napoleonic Blue and paint with two layers(allowing to dry in between coats). I always wax the same day. Especially, if that area is anywhere near water. If water gets on your chalk paint projects it will spot and you will have to re-paint the affected areas....again. Lightly wax your project before you go to sleep and when you wake up apply the second coat of wax. I never use the wax brush. I use a clean rag that I can throw away after I am finished. With a rag, you can feel the wax is getting where it needs to be. You also can buff as you go with the rag. Wear a mask and gloves.

(2.) The cabinets with all our pots and silverware(which we use daily) show moderate wear and tear. I may renew the area with 1 coat of Napoleonic Blue and seal with 2 coats of clear wax. I say "may", because I might just seal it with wax and paint it next year. The beauty of Annie Sloan chalk paint is you can see all the imperfections and flaws. The paint is not flat. It has life!

(3.) The third area to discuss is the very ends of the cabinets where people just walk by. These areas are in excellent condition. They need nothing...not even waxed. After painting the entire kitchen 2 year ago, I have to touch up six drawers. That is pretty miraculous. Sometimes, maintenance is over-rated! A few chips here and there simply add character. You can touch up your chalk paint projects if you desire or don't. You do not have to call a chalk paint specialist. You are the chalk paint specialist!

Good Luck and if you have any questions be sure to leave them below! Who knows? I may do a chalk paint video for your questions!

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