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DIY Melt and Pour Glycerin Heart Soaps

DIY Melt and Pour Glycerin Heart Soaps
February is the month of the obsession with hearts, love, and perhaps a special someone. For the last month, I have been creating heart-shaped objects and placing them all over my house. Perhaps out of boredom, but I think I am actually starting to like this day of "love". Sweet heart-shaped soaps are part of my latest heart-induced craze. Since I am a soap snob, I do not normally use the melt and pour glycerin soap from the local craft store. I cringe to even think about the ingredients list. The urge came over me, however, to immerse a variety of natural household ingredients to see "what would happen" as an experiment of sorts. This experiment turned out quite well! I am using some of these heart soaps in the kitchen and bathrooms as hand soaps. Also, I saved a handful as adorable teacher's gifts for Valentine's Day!

DIY Melt and Pour Glycerin Heart Soaps
How did I do it? So easy. Especially, if you already have essential oils on hand. Purchase melt and pour glycerin soap from the Hobby Lobby. I did go to Jo-Ann Fabrics first, but can you believe they stopped selling it?!?! Ugh, what an annoyance! Anyway, while you are at the craft store buy silicon molds. Any will do, but since Valentine's Day is around the corner I opted for heart-shaped. If you do not have essential oils at home you can purchase some at Wegmans or your local health and wellness store. I try to work with essential oils that have anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. Lavender, Lemon, Grapefruit, Sweet Orange, and Tea Tree essential oils are all fine choices! I opted for a combination of Lavender and Tea Tree essential oils for my heart soaps.

First, cut off a sizable chunk of melt and pour glycerin soap to measure its weight. If you opted for the small pack just melt the entire block down. You must know the weight of the glycerin soap you are melting down. I will tell you why in a minute. Hopefully, you already own an electronic scale. If not, estimate using the weight details on the package. Then, create a double boiler by taking a large shallow pan and filling it with water. Place over medium heat. Gather your glycerin soap and place it in another clean bowl. Place the glycerin soap bowl inside your hot water pan and allow the glycerin to melt. Stir occasionally using a wooden spoon.  
DIY Melt and Pour Glycerin Heart Soaps
In the meantime, gather your accessory ingredients for inside your heart soaps! This is the fun part. I used fresh coffee grinds, coarse sea salt, fine glitter, lavender buds, calendula, and red Moroccan clay. Place your accessory ingredients inside your empty silicon molds. Finally, go to the Brambleberry Fragrance Calculator! This is where you will take the weight of the glycerin soap and essential oils you are using to place into the calculator. The Brambleberry Fragrance Calculator tells you exactly how much essential oils to use based on your scent strength preference. It is absolutely fantastic! After the glycerin soap has completely melted, remove from heat. Let your glycerin soap cool for 2-4 minutes. Then gently stir in your essential oils and pour into your prepared silicon molds. Do not move these soaps. Let them set for 4 hours minimum. Peel them out and enjoy! Happy Love Day everyone.
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