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Kent Ave. Mango Peruvia Skincare Giveaway

Kent Ave. Mango Peruvia Skincare Giveaway
*Sponsored post. All words are my my own.

Tropical candy! That is what we are dealing with here. Tropical candy for your skin. The Mango Peruvia line from Kent Ave. smells nothing like NY(where the lovely proprietor Whitney lives). The Mango Peruvia whipped body butter smells like fresh salt water coming off the beach mixed with mouth-watering ripened mangoes! Ahhhh...the scent is divine. Whitney combines a plethora of nourishing oils like coconut, Jamaican black castor, sweet-almond, eucalyptus, tea tree, and sweet-almond!! Goodness, that is a lot of all-natural goodness for you skin. Kent Ave. also includes whipped mango butter and raw honey(as a natural preservative). Incredibly soothing and incredibly moisturizing! Great for thirsty winter skin. I have been using the Mango Peruvia whipped body butter on my son's poor wind-burned cheeks and they look SO much better!Wait...there's more! I did not even talk about the Mango Shea Meal soap! It's new you know.

Kent Ave. Mango Peruvia Skincare Giveaway
Kent Ave. Mango Peruvia Skincare Giveaway
Another tropical treat for the bath! The Shea Meal mango soap is made with exfoliating oatmeal and smells just like the body butter. All-natural Mango perfume! Both the soap and body butter are very firm. Incredibly moisturizing and just perfect for the ultra dry skin that we experience during the wintertime! This soap is as soothing, moisturizing, and exfoliating as a soap can get! Made with all natural goodness and preserved naturally too. If you love the scent of mango than you will go mangoes for Kent Avenue's Shea Meal mango soap and the Mango Peruvia whipped body butter.
Who is ready for a Kent Ave. moisturizing mango giveway?!

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