Kosmatology "Mint Your Feet" Giveaway

Kosmatology is a natural and Organic skincare company that has you covered from head to toe! They boast natural body washes, lip balms, lotion bars, and even outdoor skincare products. I have to be completely honest. These past few days, I have been laid out on my back from the common cold. Kosmatology's Spearmint Rosemary Body Wash and Lotion Bar have me breathing again! Thank heavens for Spearmint!! Congestion, aches, and overall fatigue have been relieved using Kosmatology's Herbal Fresh Spearmint Rosemary formula. Just what the Dr. ordered.

Have you ever tried a natural and organic product scented with spearmint essential oils? Intriguing right? I love this refreshing scent combination. The best part? No parabens in sight and the lotion bar is made with Organic shea butter and coconut oil(my faves). Since I feel like someone ran me over this week, I have been taking multiple hot baths while lathering with my Spearmint Rosemary body wash. It really clears those nasal passages right up. The body wash is also very soothing and a gentle moisturizer. The best time to apply the lotion bar? Right as you are climbing out of the tub! The Organic shea butter and coconut oils will absorb easily into your warm skin. Let's drive on....it's giveaway time!

Tired feet beware...we have a Kosmatology "Mint Your Feet" giveaway!!! Namaste.


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