All-Natural Massage Oil Candle {DIY}

Valentine's Day is this Saturday! Perhaps you have plans for the big "love" day or perhaps you have several children and are making plans at home. Regardless, this natural massage oil candle will set the mood right! No artificial ingredients! Only pure oils, beeswax, and scented with ingredients that are natural aphrodisiacs. I used a sweet ball jar and you can pick up wicks at your local craft store. Tips for success: use your hot glue gun and two chopsticks to press the wick in place. While your are pouring your hot oil into your jar of choice use the chopsticks again to keep your wick centered.  Do not move your candle for several hours until the candle is set. When using your massage oil candle, pour the warm oil into your hand and then gently apply to your partner. Burning oil gets use caution love birds. Ready, Set, let's make love...candles!

Natural Massage Oil Candle {DIY}
Natural Massage Oil Candle Recipe {ingredients are weighed and make one 8 oz. ball jar candle}
10 oz. Coconut oil
2.5 oz. Raw cocoa butter{optional, but gives off a nice chocolate scent!}
3.5 Beeswax Cubes
Whole Vanilla Bean{optional}
1.5 tsps Lavender essential oil

Natural Massage Oil Candle {DIY}
Create a double boiler by using a large shallow pan and filling it with a small amount of water. Place a medium, clean, and dry bowl inside your pan filled with water. Turn burner on medium-high heat. If water boils turn temperature down. Place your coconut oil and raw cocoa butter inside your bowl to melt. Once melted, add your beeswax cubes. This will take about 20 minutes to melt...bee patient. Meanwhile, take your vanilla bean and split down the middle. Scoop the vanilla beans into your mixture. Allow to permeate about 20 minutes. You can add the vanilla bean while the beeswax is slowly melting. After all ingredients are completely melted, remove from heat. After cooling 3 to 5 minutes, add your essential oils. Give a quick stir and pour into your pre-wicked ball jar. Enjoy your natural massage oil candle. Happy Valentine's Day love birds!


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