Rachel's Plan Bee Facial Oil Giveaway

Rachel's Plan Bee Facial Oil Giveaway
Rachel describes Rachel's Plan Bee as an "unplanned adventure". She started her all-natural and wholesome skincare company with her son's needs in mind. I believe all good companies start out seeking a solution for a problem. From first glance, you can see how beautiful and meticulous her product packaging is.  Rachel uses simple and beneficial ingredients in her products....nothing less and nothing more. The one ingredient she uses that I was not instantly familiar with was the olive squalane oil.

After reading up about its benefits, I can see why she uses it. I want this oil in all of my skincare products from now on - especially for my facial care. Olive squalane oil has anti-aging, skin cell renewing, moisturizing, protective properties against the sun and free radicals, antimicrobial properties, and it is also great for sensitive skin. These are just some of the benefits from olive squalane oil. Rachel favors light and easily penetrating oils for her skincare products. Her facial oil is no exception and it smells like childhood! Follow me...

Rachel's Plan Bee Facial Oil is a facial oil that is good for everyone. The light oils are heavy enough for cold weather moisturizing and light enough for the balmy summer days. This little bottle of facial oil is jam packed with antioxidant rich oils such as cranberry seed oil. The childhood nostalgia comes from the creamsicle scent. Orange peel oil and vanilla planifolia are combined to achieve this heavenly aroma. The facial oil is light, warm, and citrusy. Love at first application. Also, this is an extreme side note, but the label is waterproof. I LOVE that! I highly recommend that you purchase this facial oil. You are not only supporting a small business, but you are also purchasing a very high quality product. $20 for this facial oil? I think they need to raise their price!

Who is ready for a Rachel's Plan Bee Facial Oil giveaway?!


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