Routine Cream: Smell Good Naturally Giveaway

*I was monetarily compensated to write this post. All words are mine.

routine. should be included as part of your daily hygiene routine. To say that I am impressed with this product is a tremendous understatement. Neige & Pippa(the gorgeously natural owners) sent me "like a boss" with the strong wolf figure on the logo. The wolf is a symbol for their clay & beeswax combination. They also have a bird that symbolizes their clay recipe and the bee which symbolizes beeswax only. After two uses, I can unequivocally say that I would indeed purchase this product again. Why is "like a boss" natural deodorant a purchase worthy product? Read on and find out.

The ingredients of clay & beeswax is a natural deodorant combination I have never experienced before. The consistency is surprisingly smooth and creamy. "like a boss" applies delicately and sinks into the skin quickly. Everyone knows that mainstream deodorants are loaded full chemicals that have been proven harmful to our bodies(now and in the future AKA cancer). routine. is comprised of only natural ingredients. You can read the label and confidently know that everything you are placing under your arms is beneficial for your skin. Now that is something to smell good about:)

We have yet to discuss scent! Scent....oh the scent is absolutely divine!!! "like a boss" smells like a well-groomed man. Musk mixed with bergamot perhaps? Woodsy and an alpine dream all rolled together. The scent is powered by a combination of essential oils that lasts! Not all natural deodorants are created equal. My experience with natural deodorants has led me to experience some that are too oily and some that actually make you sweat more! Some natural deodorants crumble and go everywhere but underneath your arms! routine. has created a luxe product that has a delicate finish underneath the arms, stays put, and keeps you dry.

Are you excited!? Me too! Who is ready to smell "like a boss"? Giveaway Time.


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