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Windecker Farms Citrus Mint Deodorant Giveaway

Windecker Farms Citrus Mint Deodorant Giveaway
Get ready for a trip to California and Windecker Farms! The beautiful and vibrant blue label with a rooster in sunglasses cannot be missed! Their label says a lot about the origins of this natural & Organic skincare company. Hip, clean, but with a down home feel. California does not tell the entire story of this company, nor does it explain a big ole rooster with sunglasses, but Iowa sure does! Miss Kimberli, the owner of Windecker Farms, is originally from Iowa and has a true passion for natural deodorants. Besides natural deodorants, she also has an array of natural and Organic skincare products including: handcrafted soaps, lip balms, body butters, etc.. The realization of the dangers of commercial deodorants and a painful loss inspired Kimberli to give birth to Windecker Farms. Boy, am I glad she did! Let's pour us some sweet tea and chat about Windecker Farms Organic Citrus Mint deodorant.

Windecker Farms Citrus Mint Deodorant Giveaway
The first thing you might notice about the Organic Citrus Mint deodorant is the creamy texture. Very creamy and pleasant to apply. When you do apply, please know that a teeny bit goes a very long way! A pea size per underarm is adequate. Windecker Farms uses base ingredients of Organic coconut oil and shea butter. I love coconut oil in natural deodorants, because of their wonderful anti-bacterial and moisturizing properties. Plus, coconut oil has a lovely tropical scent! Windecker Farms includes a myriad of citrus Organic essential oils to include: orange, lemon, and lime! A hint of spearmint gives it a light minty note. The scent is present, but not overwhelming. You can absolutely apply perfume after using your Organic Citrus Mint deodorant without co-mingling scents. Most importantly, it keeps your fresh and dry all day long.

Cock-a-doodle doooo! Who is ready for a Windecker Farms Giveaway?!

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