How to make Biodegradable Seed Pots with Newspaper

How to make Biodegradable Seed Pots with Newspaper
This week, I stumbled onto the Better Homes & Gardens website during a random Google search related to gardening. I came across a video of a woman creating a biodegradable seedling pot out of was astounding and super creative! Then, I noticed the woman using a weird wooden contraption. It was a thick wooden dial rod of sorts. It also appeared that it was specifically made for the sole purpose of making these Eco-friendly seed pots. That's not very "Eco-friendly". Do you know what I thought? These seed pots look exactly like empty toilet paper rolls! And that's what I used for my empty toilet paper roll. HA! There is no shortage of TP in our house...that's for sure.

Below, I have a step by step YouTube instructional video. This is a very simple DIY project. There is no need to go to Home Depot to buy seedling pots anymore! Take 6 to 8 inches wide of 2-ply newspaper and start to roll with the toilet paper tube in the middle. One end can be flush with the newspaper and the other end needs about 2 inches excess at the bottom for tucking. Once you have rolled your newspaper around the toilet paper tube once or twice tuck the end with the 2-inch excess into the bottom. Trim the other end if necessary. Sit your newspaper tube on a table(tucked end down) then, grab a thick pen or marker and gently press inside your toilet paper tube to compress the newspaper at the bottom. This will flatten your newspaper and create "the bottom" of your pot. Wiggle the toilet paper tube out and you are all done!

Plant the whole pot in the Spring or after the last frost in your area! Happy Gardening. 

I will be demonstrating this DIY project at the Grow Your Health Festival Saturday, March 28th! If you live in the Northern Virginia area come visit The Virginia Bloggers Club booth. A special thanks goes out to Karmalades, Oh So Good Organics, Seven Oaks Lavender Farm, Carin Kilby Clark, Beagles and Bargains, Goodie Godmother, Blue Crab Martini, Blooming Secrets, Mindful Healthy Life, Jeanne Grunert, Second Ave Photography, and the whole team at Grow Your Health!

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