livia Cucumber Spirulina Gel Masque Giveaway

livia Cucumber Spirulina Gel Masque Giveaway
* This post is sponsored. All words and thoughts are mine.

Livia pure skin care is an Organic & wild crafted skincare company. The owner Stephanie uses the purest ingredients in their raw form, with no nasties, no parabens, and uses only natural methods for product preservation! Did I mention livia pure skin care is a system? Well, it is! I love this! What a lovely way to show your customers exactly how your products are supposed to be used. For instance, cleansers are Step 1. Makes sense to me. Incidentally, I am starting at Step 3 with the Cucumber Spirulina Gel Masque. This masque screams Summertime! Cooling cucumber, soothing Organic aloe vera, spirulina(a natural algae), and the gel consistency all align with warm weather vibes! This gel masque instantly transports me to a far off sunny beach. Since it is snowing outside, I could not be happier about this side effect.

The Cucumber Spirulina Gel Masque is packed with incredible nutrients for your skin. Vitamin A & E are included and work wonders. Vitamin A & E are full of skin-loving antioxidants and anti-aging properties. These vitamins are essential for beauty queen caliber skin! Want to hear something even more interesting? This product contains Chlorophyll. Did you know Chlorophyll has an incredible impact for our skin? Me neither. It has magnificent healing, cleansing, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties. You will also find Organic chamomile oil, Organic lavender oil, and tangerine oil inside this gel masque gem! All of these oils our fabulous cleansers and contain calming properties to enhance our skin's natural beauty. I am impressed with the quality and purposeful use of the ingredients in this livia gel masque. The best products are the ones that are not just thrown together willy nilly. Livia products have ingredients that all serve a purpose when it comes to our skin's nutrition.

livia Cucumber Spirulina Gel Masque Giveaway
The scent of the Cucumber Spirulina Gel Masque is just as scrumptious as the ingredients within! Livia pure skin care has captured the delectable fresh scent of cucumber in this unusual gel face masque. It is incredibly refreshing and relaxing. I have never used a "gel masque" before. I love the texture and feel of the Cucumber Spirulina Gel Masque on my face. This is a powerful face masque full of wonderful ingredients(as previously mentioned). So powerful, you only leave it on your face for 5 to 10 minutes. My skin feels very very soft and incredibly moisturized after one use. You can use this face masque daily! I will be placing this livia gel masque in the refrigerator for an extra refreshing experience!!!

What do you say my little cucumbers? Are you ready for a Cucumber Spirulina Gel Masque Giveaway by livia pure skin care?!??!


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