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Megan's Apothecary Spa Kit Giveaway

Megan's Apothecary Spa Kit Giveaway
Instead of asking who loves going to spa, I might ask who doesn't? A weekly trip to the spa, however, is not always feasible with today's time or budget constraints! I have discovered a hidden gem in the natural skincare world from down in the bayou known as Megan's Apothecary. A small batch spot with big natural skincare results! If you are going on a trip, you must get their Mother's Day facial spa kit for your travels. It has everything you need for a week of home away from home natural skincare luxuries. Also, you can tell by the name of this spa kit that it is meant for all those hard working mamas out there! Treat your mama right and get her a Megan's Apothecary spa kit! You can tell by my green clay face that I am quite happy with mine. What is in the kit? Relaxing Facial Steam(packet makes 2 face steams), Green Clay Face Mask(packet makes approx. 6 face masks), Coconut Oil Lip Balm, Restorative Night Serum(.5 oz), All Natural Eye Makeup Remover(1 oz), Fountain of Youth Deep Moisturizing Face Cream(.25 oz).

Megan's Apothecary Spa Kit Giveaway
Fountain of Youth Face Cream has a nice ring to it don't you think? Oils of Coconut, Primrose, jojoba, and emu are combined with shea butter and aloe vera. Emu oil is something I have never come across. According to Web MD, it is taken from the fatty portion of an Emu(a flightless bird similar to an Ostrich). The properties of this oil resemble that of mineral oil. Interesting right? Well, the combination of these oils and butter leave a soothing, moisturizing, and inflammation-reducing experience. It only takes a finger tips worth to moisturize the entire face and neck. I am taking this teeny jar on my travels for sure! The essential oils of rose, chamomile, frankincense, and myrrh create a warm herbal-floral scent. Frankincense essential oil has anti-aging and toning properties. A power house of essential oils that calm, restore, lift, and have wonderful anti-aging properties.

My favorite Megan's Apothecary product(pictured above) is the all natural eye make up remover. So yummy smelling that you must resist trying to eat it! Made with almond, hemp, pure grapefruit, and Organic olive oils. Takes my makeup off gently and easily. Love it so much! Next, the coconut oil lip balm is simple and great when your lips need a zap of moisture. Made with coconut and almond oils, beeswax, and vitamin e. Lastly, is the restorative night serum with rose hips seed, pumpkin seed, hazelnut, grape seed, and vitamin e oils. Packed with myrrh, carrot seed, and chamomile essential oils. Vitamins and essential oils working their natural and seemingly magical powers over night!

My favorites! Facial steams and face masks that make you feel like you are in a 4-star spa! First, is the relaxing facial steam comprised of healing and soothing calendula, chamomile, and comfrey herbs. Next, is the green clay face mask! As you can see from the intro photo, I love this! Exfoliating and green clay. Okay, you have waited long enough. Without further adieu, I bring you the Megan's Apothecary Spa Kit Giveaway(valued at $40)!!!! Want to buy right now? Use code SPUNKY25 to receive 25% off your order!

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