Windecker Farms Body Butter Giveaway

Windecker Farms Body Butter Giveaway
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The cool guy rooster with sunglasses is back! Windecker Farms is a familiar all-natural face around these parts. Today, we are exploring Kimberli's "skin loving" body butters. Windecker Farms "skin loving" body butters have a base of Organic olive oil and apricot oil with a dash of mango butter mixed in. I do love coconut oil, but it can be too greasy for body butters. I love their use of Organic olive oil! This body butter is as smooth and creamy as silk! It applies almost like a balm. Nothing greasy about this body butter. A fantastic full body moisturizer! Stock up on this body butter for summer my beach babes.

The scent of the body butter I am reviewing is ylang ylang, jasmine, and wild orange . I love the interesting complexity of the scent. The jasmine rocks my world! Don't get me wrong, I love lavender as much as the next Eco-loving gal, but it is nice to see a natural skincare company using a wide variety of essential oils to achieve some unique essentially-derived scents in their products. Windecker Farms does just this. You can get the beautiful simplicity of a lavender "essentially-derived" body butter or a more complex scent like: ylang ylang, jasmine, and wild orange. MMMmmmm, now that is something delicious to write home about!

A special thing to note about Windecker Farms and their skin loving body butters is they blend Organic rose water into their formula! I truly see and appreciate the extra effort that Windecker Farms takes in making their products not just good, but great!

Who is ready for a skin loving body butter giveaway with Windecker Farms?
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