WOODS: Malaya Organic Body Oil Giveaway

WOODS: Malaya Organic Body Oil Giveaway
Malaya's mantra is: "A garland of flowers, free of chemicals, that keeps your skin young!" 

The first thing I do with my skincare product is flip the bottle around and look at the list of ingredients. I can tell everything I need to know about a green beauty or Organic skincare company by looking at their list of ingredients. Malaya Organics is a company out of Brooklyn, NY. Their ingredients are free of chemicals.  They are Organic, and some ingredients are wild harvested too! It is my pleasure to review their Organic body oil in the essential oil scent of WOODS. How did Katya(the lovely owner) know that I love manly scents?*wink* All kidding aside, WOODS is not really manly. The scents combine vetiver, rose otto, and a hit of cedarwood. Very light and aromatic without overwhelming the olfactory senses. A home run. The essential oil scent would appeal to both men and women alike. 

Going back to the ingredients - all the oils used are THE best oils. The reason? They are supremely light, nourishing, and deeply moisturizing without being overly heavy(like coconut oil and countless other butters). Organic oils of sweet almond, sunflower, argan, rosehips, safflower, jojoba, and avocado are all included in WOODS. The oil is a beautiful golden color that begs to be applied to your skin. WOODS gets two thumbs up and will be sitting next to my bathroom for generous applications when hopping out of the tub. 

At first glance, It is crystal clear that Malaya has impeccably pristine packaging. Both clean and modern styling. Did I mention that I love this glass bottle? My favorite feature about the bottle is that it has a dropper top. As a consequence, you do not have to worry about wasting this precious body oil by pouring too fast.  The label is also waterproof. I am a packaging whore and obsessive-compulsive, so this tiny tidbit is important to me. 

Organic Lavender Lip Balm
Looky here! Behold, the Organic lavender lip savior! If you adore lavender then you should definitely try this. Soothing and healing lavender for your kisser. Malaya is definitely Eco-luxury skincare at its finest. 

Are you ready for a Malaya Organic Body Oil Giveaway for WOODS?! Enter below and please be patient as it takes a moment for the widget to load.


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