How to make an Eco-friendly Slingshot for kids

Eco-friendly Slingshot for kids
Little boys and weapons go hand in hand. From the moment mine were able to pick up toys, they were using them to assemble some sort of weaponry. This year, I finally gave in and let the boys have their first toy weapons. We are strict about the usage and where the toy weapons can go, but they are overjoyed to have them! AND....I am making Eco-friendly sling shots as party favors for my 4 year old's upcoming Batman Birthday Party. My youngest has been obsessed with batman for several months now. Batman shirts, Batman underwear, Batman figures, Batman Legos, and well you get the point. I thought it would be fun to create Eco-friendly sling shots(with soft ammo) as Batman's weapon of choice.

Eco-friendly Slingshot for kids
Supplies you will need!
-Fresh "medium-thickness" branches with a wide "Y" girth.
-Bright hemp cord(optional)
-Large Needle
-Screw Driver
-Hot glue gun
-Rose Bush Clippers

First, you must find the perfect "Y" shaped branches for your sling shots. The branches must be fresh. Use your rose bush clippers to trim the ends. Take your "Y" shaped branches and screw parallel holes on each side. Go through the front and back of your holes with the screw until you can see daylight. If you have a power drill use that instead to save time and energy.

Next, take your felt and cut it into a small oval. Cut a tiny vertical slit on each side. Take your large needle and do a simple stitch around the edge of the felt with your bright hemp cord(totally optional).
Take your elastic and lay it across the width of your "Y" branch and leave several inches extra on each side. Cut the elastic ends up several inches so you can thread your needle with the elastic. Push the needle through the first hole and use your pliers to gently pull your elastic through to the other side.

Third, take your oval piece of felt and weave the elastic through the first slit you cut. Be sure the elastic goes behind the piece of felt. Weave the elastic through the second slit. Now, take your large needle and thread the remaining open end of elastic. Push the needle through the second hole and use your pliers to gently pull your elastic through to the other side. Knot off each end of elastic and trim with scissors.

Fourth, get that hot glue gun warming up! Hot glue any cracks in the wood around your screw site. Center your piece of felt and hot glue it to the elastic. Use as much hot glue as possible. Hot glue makes the felt portion harder, which makes it easier for shooting ammo! Let your hot glued sling shot dry overnight. When you wake up in the morning, grab your sling shot and take it for a test drive. My son was all too willing to let me fire my test rounds at him.

Fire away! I hope your little ones enjoy the Eco-friendly sling shot as much as my boys do! And by the way, the party is an outdoor party! Below is a You Tube video that gives you step by step assembly instructions. 


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