Folium Medica Charcoal Mask Giveaway

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Watch out! Folium Medica wants you to know that YOU CAN make amazing and therapeutic skincare products without preservation, because that is what they do! Let's take a moment for a little Eco skincare education. Preservation is not necessary for most products, especially those that do not contain water. The shelf life is still good for up to a year(depending on the product).

Folium Medica has modern-looking skincare products complete with European flair, but made right here in the USA. Their ingredients are Organic and wild harvested. They use natural oils and the highest quality clays. Their products are completely Vegan, Cruelty-free, and Preservative-free. Everything good that you should expect from your skincare products is included by Folium Medica!
Folium Medica Charcoal Mask Giveaway
Folium Medica Charcoal Mask Giveaway
As you can see above, I had tons of fun modeling the Folium Medica Charcoal Brightening & Toning Mask! One look and I bet you think the only ingredient is activated charcoal?! You would be oh so wrong my friend! This Eco beauty is 100% natural and packed full of ingredients that tone, sooth, exfoliate, detoxify, and "RENEW" your skin. Inside you will find Kelp, Green Tea, Mallow, Witch Hazel, Almond, Horsetail, and Kaolin. This is the most complex facial mask I have ever used! A wonderful experience for mask lovers everywhere.

I have a few charcoal mask tips for everyone. First and mostly, read the directions. I kinda made a huge mess the first time around(because I did not read the directions)...and right after I cleaned the bathroom. Find a small bowl, then add 1 tbsp of powder and 5 tsp of very hot water. Mix to form a thick paste. You can leave the mask on for a long while. Up to 30 minutes! Savor this charcoal mask and be wary of white objects(tee-hee).

Who is ready for a renewing Folium Medica charcoal mask giveaway?


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