Herban Lifestyle Skin Detox Facial Soap Giveaway

Herban Lifestyle Skin Detox Facial Soap Giveaway
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There is something to be said for, "Sweet Simplicity". Ingredients in their pure(or raw form) just doing their naturally-powerful thing. Herban Lifestyle is one such small business and is located in my neck of the woods near Falls Church, VA.  Mary Kearns, the owner of Herban Lifestyle, keeps it simple. Gentle and effective skincare ingredients that also adhere to strict environmental standards. Nothing artificial, no preservatives, and she uses Organic ingredients whenever she can. She also uses palm oil in her soaps, but you need not worry about that my Eco-warriors! The palm oil used in Herban Lifestyle soaps is from organic fair trade suppliers who adhere to strict environmental sustainability programs. I got the privilege to try Herban Lifestyle's skin detox facial soap made with rhassoul clay.

As I said before, we are talking beautiful simplicity. The skin detox facial soap combines Organic olive oil, Fair Trade palm oil, and Fair Trade coconut oil. Of course, lye and nectar of the earth rhassoul clay. Rhassoul clay is a wonderful detox for your body and face! It pulls out all the nastiness leaving behind clean and fully refreshed skin. The oils mentioned above gently cleanse and moisturize. This is the perfect facial cleansing bar to slip into your travel bag. You can even slide it into your carry-on bag! You never know when you need to wash your face during or especially after a long day of air travel. I enjoyed my experience with the skin detox facial soap. A small lather and a clean rinse. My skin felt clean and refreshed! Simply luxurious. Who is ready for a Herban Lifestyle Skin Detox Facial Soap Giveaway???!!!


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