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Spring 2015 Eco Fashion Week - Devinto Design

Spring 2015 Eco Fashion Week - Devinto Design
WOO! It's about to get hot in here. Aiste Zitnikaite is the featured designer of Devinto. Her designs are modern, fair, sexy, vintage, slightly dark, and tailored impeccably! Aiste ethically sources her fabrics of bamboo, Organic cotton, and silk. Every piece is made to order to minimize waste. Comfort, elegance, beauty, and a perfect balance between masculine and feminine energies. Today, we are featuring the Gabby Crop top and the Jenna skirt. These two were meant to be together. This is an outfit to show off at a Michelin 4-starred restaurant or a posh night on the town! Wherever you go, you will surely be breaking some necks(figuratively).

After having two children, I never thought I would wear a crop top, but the Gaby crop is subtle. I can still be a mom and be sexy too...who would've thunk it? The skirt is form fitted with some textured pleats towards the bottom. Both pieces I adore to the top of these red rock mountains! Enjoy the view.
Spring 2015 Eco Fashion Week - Devinto DesignSpring 2015 Eco Fashion Week - Devinto Design
Spring 2015 Eco Fashion Week - Devinto Design
The Eco jewelry seen this week is from the talented Amy Jennings at Callirrhoe Jewellery! 100% Vegan jewelry with incredible design and texture. Some of my favorite pieces involve her use of driftwood! Even her ring bands are unique with most pieces utilizing a silver and copper metal fusion. Pictured above, you see a black Shiva Lingam statement ring with sterling silver band. The Shiva Lingam stone is often used for balancing masculine and feminine energies. The ring to the right is the acrylic Rose Cameo ring with the sliver and copper fused band. You can also see some raw quartz drop earrings. I have been wearing these earrings everyday! One lucky winner will win the Rose Cameo ring during our Grand Finale Giveaway on Monday, April 20th. So stay tuned!

Spring 2015 Eco Fashion Week - Devinto Design
Are you looking for the perfect sustainable travel bag for Summer?! You have found it! I cannot say enough about the Vegan cork Cheyenne Handbag from Rok Cork. This little tote is sleek, modern, light, and incredibly versatile. The straps can be removed to transform your tote for a night on the town! Imported from exotic Portugal. Did I say that I LOVE this handbag?! One of my favorite features of this handbag is the protective feet on the base. So, that means if you accidentally set your bag on a wet surface it remains clean and free of debris.....genius! They also have the cutest cork sandals your eyes have ever seen. If you love Eco fashion then why are you still here? Go check them out!
Spring 2015 Eco Fashion Week - Devinto Design
Pixi Beauty is this Spring's Eco fashion week make up sponsor! I recommend running(not walking) to stock up on their facial Glow Mist this summer. I keep my Glow Mist in my purse for moisturizing touch ups for both face and hair! My favorite Pixi Beauty palette is actually the brow game. I have not had a bad brow day since! Also seen, is the Summer Glow palette bronzette. Summer Glow has everything you need for your Spring and Summer beauty needs. Stay tuned, because one lucky winner will receive a Pixi Beauty Ultimate Beauty Kit 2nd edition during our Grand Finale Giveaway on Monday, April 20th.

Be sure to come back on Friday for another Spring 2015 Eco Fashion post and visit Sustainably Chic for even more Eco fashion posts! Thanks for joining me and see you Friday!!

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