john masters organics Review & Giveaway

john masters organics is gaining momentum "full steam ahead" in the Organic skincare and haircare industry. In fact, I was at my local Ulta location here in Ashburn, VA and they were practically cleaned out! The American public is craving all-natural products that are nasty-free. Let me start by saying, that john masters organics does not have much in the way of competition here in the US. Check the label my friends. If it says paraben-free, but still contains "fragrance" then it is not a truly natural product. john masters products are all-natural, Organic, and "Eco-friendly". He takes great care in the selection of his ingredients and adheres to a strict guideline, which can be found on his website in the "Philosophy" section.

john masters organics leave-in conditioner treatment called "Shine On" is my Summer 2015 must-have pick! Your Summer hair needs this product! After washing your hair, simply comb the gel consistency product through your wet locks. It contains Organic and all-natural ingredients that soothe, hydrate, and give volume to your sun drenched hair! Organic sea kelp, aloe vera, chamomile extract, calendula extract, and carrot root oil are just some of the amazing ingredients you will find inside Shine On. My thick hair tends to feel heavy and weighed down, but not since using Shine On! In fact, I am so impressed with this product that I am going to host a spontaneous giveaway for one of my amazing readers. I will be responsible for shipping this product. Be sure to enter the giveaway below before you leave!

Best argan oil ever!!!! I mean EVA! I thought all argan oils were created equal until I used this product. Boy, was I ever wrong. john masters organics bottles 100% USDA certified argan oil. I use it over my entire body. My face has never been more calm or clear from break outs since using john masters organics argan oil. My face stays moisturized all day and night. Amazing stuff, so don't be scared by the price tag. Stay tuned for an additional john masters organics post this week detailing a copycat sea salt hair spray DIY recipe! See you later my Eco alligators.


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